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A Gopher Hole of Verisimilitudes
2017-02-02 The Masturbation Language
2017-05-07 Insidious Optimizations I: Machine Architecture
2017-05-27 Code of Conduct Keeping
2017-06-06 Experimentations with 33554432 and Meta-CHIP-8
2017-07-07 The Meta-Machine Code (MMC) Tool
2017-12-30 The SHUT-IT-DOWN Common Lisp Library
2017-12-31 The CL-ECMA-48 Common Lisp Library
2018-01-01 The Meta-Machine Code Interface Concept
2018-02-02 The Meta-Machine Code Targeted at MIPS: The Operating System Infrastructure
2018-02-22 Gopher Affiliations
2018-04-04 The ACUTE-TERMINAL-CONTROL Common Lisp Library
2018-06-06 Insidious Optimizations II: Machine Text
2018-06-22 A Rebuttal of an Article Involving the CL-CHARMS Common Lisp Library
2018-08-08 The Meta-Machine Code Targeted at CHIP-8: The Initial Release
2018-08-18 A Documenting of the Coin Flipping CHIP-8 Game
2018-08-28 A Documenting of the Russian Roulette CHIP-8 Game
2018-11-01 A Documenting of my Fizzbuzz CHIP-8 Program
2018-12-12 A Documenting of the Breakout CHIP-8 Game
2019-01-15 Recommended Reading: ``The Craft of Text Editing'' by Craig Finseth
2019-02-12 Pleasing Patterns
2019-02-15 Recommended Reading: ``Programming from the Ground Up'' by Jonathan Bartlett
2019-02-22 My Jokes and Other Such Things
2019-03-03 A Documenting of the Nim CHIP-8 Game
2019-03-15 Recommended Reading: ``IT'S BEHIND YOU: the making of a computer game'' by Bob Pape
2019-03-30 A Gopher Hole
2019-04-15 Recommended Reading: ``The Art of UNIX Programming'' and ``The UNIX-HATERS Handbook''
2019-04-30 Thoughts Concerning Numerical Logging Formats
2019-05-05 Thoughts Concerning Forum Software
2019-05-15 Recommended Reading: Short Stories by Various
2019-05-25 A Finger Service
2019-05-30 A Comment System
2019-06-15 Recommended Reading: ``Starting Forth'' and ``Thinking Forth'' by Leo Brodie
2019-06-23 A Documenting of the Submarine CHIP-8 Game
2019-06-26 My Comics and Other Such Things
2019-06-30 The COMMON-CHARACTER-SETS Common Lisp Library
2019-07-07 A Diatribe Concerning My Experiences With Gopher
2019-07-15 Recommended Reading: ``Alan Turing's Electronic Brain'' by Various
2019-07-17 Circular Pleasing Patterns
2019-07-27 The OpenBSD Ada Library
2019-08-08 A Documenting of my APL Programs
2019-08-15 Recommended Reading: Platform Studies Series by Various
2019-08-18 A Documenting of my Rule 30 CHIP-8 Program
2019-09-06 Thoughts Concerning Nonograms
2019-09-09 An Analysis of my Lemote Yeeloong Hardware
2019-09-15 Recommended Reading: ``Masters of Doom'' by David Kushner
2019-09-17 Thoughts Concerning Recent Events
2019-09-19 The EASY-PEASY-TCP Common Lisp Library Experiment
2019-09-29 The Meta-Machine Code Targeted at CHIP-8: The Evolution of the Metadata Format
2019-10-05 A Documenting of my Rule 30 Improved CHIP-8 Program
2019-10-10 The CL-GOPHER Common Lisp Library
2019-10-15 Recommended Reading: ``The Stranger in the Woods'' by Michael Finkel
2019-10-30 A Documenting of my Falling CHIP-8 Game
2019-11-11 An Implementation of Word Count in Ada
2019-11-12 An Implementation of Word Count in Common Lisp
2019-11-15 Recommended Reading: ``CODE'' by Charles Petzold
2019-11-16 A Rebuttal of an Article Involving Understanding an Automatic Computer
2019-11-21 A Rebuttal of an Article Involving Executable Memory
2019-11-22 A Rebuttal of an Article Involving a Character Set
2019-11-30 Thoughts Concerning Copyright Ghettos
2019-12-06 An Implementation of SHA1 in APL
2019-12-12 An Implementation of SHA1 in Ada or the SHA1 Ada Library
2019-12-15 A Review of ``Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid'' by Douglas Hofstadter

2019-12-25 An Implementation of SHA1 in Common Lisp or the SHA1 Common Lisp Library
2019-12-29 A Comparison Between my Three SHA1 Implementations
2019-12-30 Thoughts Concerning the Trolley Problem
2019-12-31 A Documenting of the Craps CHIP-8 Game
2020-01-01 Thoughts Concerning the Preceding Decade
2020-01-02 Thoughts Concerning Learning a Programming Language
2020-01-15 A Review of ``Surreal Numbers'' by Donald Knuth
2020-02-02 A Diatribe Concerning My Thoughts on Network Programming Interfaces
2020-02-14 Common Lisp Style Document
2020-02-15 A Review of ``Coders at Work'' by Peter Seibel
2020-02-16 Thoughts Concerning the Value of Apathy and Sloth
2020-02-20 An Implementation of SHA224 and SHA256 in APL
2020-03-03 Thoughts Concerning the Value of Truth and Honesty
2020-03-06 A Rebuttal of Some Articles Written by a Fanatic
2020-03-15 A Review of ``ANSI Common Lisp'' by Paul Graham
2020-03-18 An Implementation of SHA224 and SHA256 in Common Lisp
2020-04-04 Regarding Reviling Resentment
2020-04-12 Efficient and Concise Multiplication in CHIP-8
2020-04-15 A Review of ``Programming in Ada 2012'' by John Barnes
2020-04-16 The SHA Common Lisp Library
2020-05-05 An Implementation of SHA in APL
2020-05-15 A Review of ``Hackers & Painters'' by Paul Graham
2020-05-25 Disregard, Decimate Decimal
2020-06-06 Common Lisp Control Structures
2020-06-12 Superior Integer Grading Notations
2020-06-15 A Review of ``HACKING: THE ART OF EXPLOITATION, 2ND EDITION'' by Jon Erickson
2020-06-18 Elision Targeting toki pona
2020-06-24 My Recent, Intense Fantasies of Typesetting
2020-06-30 A Documenting of my Enchantment CHIP-8 Game
2020-07-07 The Meta-Machine Code Targeted at CHIP-8: The Reimplementation
2020-07-15 A Review of ``Building High Integrity Applications with SPARK'' by McCormick and Chapin
2020-07-28 An Implementation of SHA256 in Ada
2020-08-08 A Comparison Between my SHA224 and SHA256 Implementations
2020-08-15 A Review of ``Toki Pona: The Language of Good'' by Sonja Lang
2020-08-24 A Rebuttal of Some Nihilistic Sophistry
2020-09-09 A Documenting of my Ball Breaker CHIP-8 Game
2020-09-15 A Review of ``Can Programming Be Liberated from the von Neumann Style?'' by John Backus
2020-09-24 Disillusionment with History
2020-10-03 A Documenting of mine Asphyxiation CHIP-8 Game
2020-10-10 A Documenting of mine Enhanced Enchantment CHIP-8 Game
2020-10-15 A Review of ``Out of the Tar Pit'' by Ben Moseley and Peter Marks
2020-10-27 A Documenting of mine Extra Enhanced Enchantment CHIP-8 Game
2020-11-02 A Documenting of mine Advanced Asphyxiation CHIP-8 Game
2020-11-03 Reflections on the Seventh Octo Jam
2020-11-05 Mine Experience Interviewing with a Defense Contractor
2020-11-07 Intelligent Endpoints
2020-11-11 Alternate Alternative Alternations Alternatively
2020-11-13 Objects for Ire: Cards
2020-11-15 A Review of ``The Great Quux: Random Poetry and Other Losses'' by Various
2020-11-17 Complicated, Confused, Delirious Dictation
2020-11-19 Debugging SHA
2020-11-23 Anything Be Canon, Defending Everyone's Fancies
2020-11-29 Proposal for a Recollection System
2020-12-12 Testing is Ideally Unnecessary
2020-12-15 A Review of ``Let Over Lambda'' by Doug Hoyte
2020-12-21 The D Common Lisp Library
2020-12-26 Little Man Computer Meta-Machine Code Targeting
2020-12-27 Revere Repeated Rewriting, Refining, Redesigning
2020-12-28 von Neumann Machines Lack Structure
2020-12-29 Reading as Compilation
2020-12-30 Penultimate Philosphical Ponderings
2020-12-31 A Documenting of a Tetris CHIP-8 Game
2021-01-01 Thoughts Concerning the Preceding Year
2021-01-15 A Review of John McCarthy's Original Lisp Paper
2021-02-02 Abandoned Fields are Fertile Ground for Novel Research
2021-02-15 A Review of ``Practical Common Lisp'' by Peter Seibel
2021-02-28 One-Dimensional Cellular Automaton Memory
2021-03-03 Split unto Mechanical Realizations
2021-03-15 A Review of ``Phantom Stacks: If you look too hard, they aren't there'' by Richard Stallman
2021-03-24 Minor Machine Code Mistakes
2021-04-04 An Analysis of my BAT Chording Keyboard Hardware
2021-04-15 A Review of ``The Mythical Man-Month'' by Fred Brooks
2021-04-24 Elision toki pona CLOS Mapping Experiment
2021-05-05 Domain Acknowledgment
2021-05-15 A Review of the ``LISP 1.5 Programmer's Manual''
2021-05-31 Implementations of Grade
2021-06-06 I Want for Extremes in all Things
2021-06-15 A Review of ``As We May Think'' by Vannevar Bush
2021-07-07 Implementations of Summarize
2021-07-15 A Review of ``Brave New World'' by Aldous Huxley
2021-08-08 The Earliest English Elision Dictionary
2021-08-15 A Review of ``The Last Unicorn'' by Peter Beagle
2021-09-09 Integrity with One-Time Pads
2021-09-15 A Review of the ``GunPey'' Video Game
2021-09-21 APL toki pona Elision
2021-09-30 Determinism can be Inefficient
2021-10-10 Experiences with Alleviating Pain
2021-10-15 A Review of the ``Open World'' Video Game Genre
2021-11-11 A Documenting of my Nonogram CHIP-8 Game
2021-11-15 A Review of ``Computing Machinery and Intelligence'' by Alan Turing