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What I learned about interviewing
35 points by luu (21 comments)
Adventures in Drone Photogrammetry Using Rust and Machine Learning
28 points by lukastyrychtr (0 comments)
Lazygit: A simple terminal UI for Git commands
347 points by tnorthcutt (127 comments)
Wikipedia is loaded, so why's it asking for donations?
13 points by akolbe (9 comments)
The Secret Life of Seconds: The Minds Behind the World Chess Cha...
55 points by jbredeche (12 comments)
Right-clickers vs. the monkey JPG owners
19 points by helsinkiandrew (13 comments)
An Illustrated Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography Validation
161 points by alanfranz (15 comments)
Show HN: I made a free, ad-free and open source tool for sharing...
95 points by gigamick (45 comments)
Overdue library book returned more than 110 years later
161 points by MilnerRoute (88 comments)
AWS Private 5G
569 points by Trisell (322 comments)
Julia 1.7 Highlights
185 points by logankilpatrick (59 comments)
Microcode Research Team
57 points by pabs3 (27 comments)
Scaling Kafka at Honeycomb
160 points by i0exception (44 comments)
UI/UX Designer at Nimble (YC S17) - P/T with F/T option
1 points (job listing)
Can you safely parse a double when you need a float?
3 points by ibobev (0 comments)
The American prison system's war on reading
371 points by misiti3780 (206 comments)
A Case for Asynchronous Computer Architecture (2000) [pdf]
59 points by mahami (52 comments)
On the Party and the Princlings
38 points by finite_jest (24 comments)
Silbo Gomero: 'Special and Beautiful' Whistled Language
41 points by kwindla (8 comments)
AWS Nitro SSD - High Performance Storage for Your I/O-Intensive ...
84 points by Trisell (41 comments)
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