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The booming business of knitting together the world's electricit...
53 points by BayAreaEscapee (36 comments)
Remote sensing shows Antarctic green snow algae is important ter...
23 points by graderjs (1 comments)
Ask a Librarian
75 points by Tomte (5 comments)
It's been 42 years since 'The Hitchhiker's Guide' answered the u...
115 points by geox (30 comments)
Netflix's new player breaks the ability to modify the seeking of...
154 points by spaceribs (78 comments)
Alan Kay on the context and catalysts of personal computing
129 points by yarapavan (14 comments)
Obsidian - A knowledge base from a local folder of plain text Ma...
214 points by doener (142 comments)
Automatic CPU speed and power optimizer for Linux
181 points by chetangoti (99 comments)
Felicette - The Space Cat
28 points by rbanffy (4 comments)
Physicists take a key step in correcting quantum computer errors
33 points by rbanffy (25 comments)
Python stands to lose its GIL, and gain a lot of speed
10 points by bobajeff (5 comments)
Why Not WireGuard (2020)
12 points by vanburen (12 comments)
An underwater mystery on Canada's coast
189 points by Thevet (51 comments)
Chums (YC W21) Is Hiring a Back End Engineer
1 points (job listing)
Show HN: Vizzu - Open-source charting library focused on animati...
28 points by vidipeti (4 comments)
A l-calculus interpreter written in C preprocessor macros
35 points by Hirrolot (2 comments)
Speech and Language Processing
20 points by adulau (2 comments)
Stiff asks, great programmers answer (2006)
8 points by phil294 (0 comments)
Bubble sort slower with -O3 than -O2 with GCC
19 points by asicsp (4 comments)
Facebook is researching AI systems that see, hear, remember ever...
70 points by coldcode (30 comments)
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