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Awesome CTO
158 points by szimpl (16 comments)
2020 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Letter [pdf]
51 points by karl11 (27 comments)
A Vim Guide for Advanced Users
83 points by asicsp (15 comments)
Alternative shell with native support for JSON, YAML, TOML, CSV,...
88 points by hnlmorg (27 comments)
Why isn't Godot an ECS-based game engine?
53 points by nafey (8 comments)
Zluda: CUDA on Intel GPUs
162 points by fho (40 comments)
Are You Trading or Gambling?
215 points by christopherjgan (170 comments)
Kapil Gupta: Conquering the Mind [video]
16 points by tomhoward (6 comments)
The Ternary Manifesto (2012)
41 points by todsacerdoti (3 comments)
SolarWinds CEO blames intern for password leak
54 points by tnolet (21 comments)
The Algorithmic Genius of Tom Stoppard's "Arcadia"
10 points by diaphanous (3 comments)
Phantom Types in Gleam
9 points by pd-andy (4 comments)
Berkshire Hathaway 2020 Annual report [pdf]
16 points by mxschumacher (4 comments)
Odeko (YC S19) Is Hiring Senior Engineers, Designers and PMs
1 points (job listing)
Show HN: Redbean - Single-file distributable web server
1722 points by jart (217 comments)
Bit (1.0) - a modern Git CLI in Go
157 points by chriswalz (52 comments)
Account of Ethiopian Church Massacre
17 points by elwell (0 comments)
Creating Serendipity with Python
14 points by weinzierl (5 comments)
The Emerging Ship
20 points by feross (6 comments)
Arithmetic dynamics combines insights from number theory and dyn...
53 points by nsoonhui (0 comments)
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