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System Font Stack
126 points by SenHeng (74 comments)
Make formal verification and provably correct software practical...
31 points by peanutcrisis (23 comments)
GitHub Star History Graph
92 points by bokenator (50 comments)
Time Series and FoundationDB (2019)
205 points by richieartoul (77 comments)
Adding rollback netplay to a Game Boy Advance game from 2005: Pa...
23 points by vore (0 comments)
Paginating Requests in APIs (2020)
181 points by exemel_hn (151 comments)
Linux kernel RNG enhancements for 5.19
53 points by zx2c4 (7 comments)
Reverse engineering Xiaomi air purifier NFC stickers
166 points by thunderbong (94 comments)
SplinterDB: High performance embedded key-value store
52 points by ridruejo (21 comments)
Uber and Lyft's new road: Fewer drivers, thrifty riders and jitt...
168 points by elsewhen (288 comments)
Show HN: Quickly find sensitive files in your GitHub repo
16 points by jdorfman (3 comments)
Ampere Announces 5nm Arm Server CPU AmpereOne
44 points by ksec (17 comments)
How do video games stay in sync?
248 points by whack (132 comments)
FireZone - Open-source VPN server and firewall
204 points by punnerud (49 comments)
Code quality only matters in context (2019)
83 points by behnamoh (43 comments)
A society without a counterculture?
69 points by lycopodiopsida (88 comments)
Brave Browser Hardening
54 points by CHEF-KOCH (54 comments)
QuestDB (YC S20) is hiring Python and cloud engineers
1 points (job listing)
Persist or let it go: a study of entrepreneurial decision making
78 points by sgfgross (71 comments)
Tangle-free magnetic USB cables are here
11 points by Tomte (5 comments)
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