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Apple is close to acquiring Shazam, sources say
150 points by rbanffy 2 hours ago
view comments (98) - Apple is close to acquiring Shazam, sources sa
Apple releases Turi Create to simplify machine learning
49 points by codezero 51 minutes ago
view comments (11) - Apple releases Turi Create to simplify machine
The Latest Bull Case for Electric Cars: The Cheapest Batteries
47 points by prostoalex 2 hours ago
view comments (29) - The Latest Bull Case for Electric Cars: The Ch
Whale Watching: Many companies earn a huge portion of sales from...
132 points by mikebabineau 4 hours ago
view comments (84) - Whale Watching: Many companies earn a huge por
Mozilla's revenue increased significantly in 2016
105 points by tiff 4 hours ago
view comments (42) - Mozilla's revenue increased significantly in 2
Clojure 1.9 is now available
176 points by myth_drannon 3 hours ago
view comments (47) - Clojure 1.9 is now available
Lisp at the Frontier of Computation [video]
82 points by reikonomusha 5 hours ago
view comments (27) - Lisp at the Frontier of Computation [video]
Modern Front-end in Rails
255 points by galfarragem 8 hours ago
view comments (112) - Modern Front-end in Rails
Event Production Manager
1 points 27 minutes ago
view listing - Event Production Manager
Hedge funds embrace machine learning up to a point
48 points by josephby 4 hours ago
view comments (26) - Hedge funds embrace machine learning up to a p
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