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Insomnia REST Client
178 points by brunoluiz 3 hours ago
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How Vladimir Lenin Became a Mushroom: A Hoax That Took the Sovie...
16 points by lermontov 49 minutes ago
view comments (2) - How Vladimir Lenin Became a Mushroom: A Hoax Th
Kubeflow - Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes
59 points by nikolay 2 hours ago
view comments (5) - Kubeflow - Machine Learning Toolkit for Kuberne
A Classic Extension Reborn: Tree Style Tab
384 points by clouddrover 9 hours ago
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I gave Amazon a key to my house and regretted it
254 points by eevilspock 7 hours ago
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Safe Pointers in SPARK 2014
20 points by touisteur 1 hours ago
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IBM scientists demonstrate 10x faster large-scale machine learni...
186 points by brisance 9 hours ago
view comments (30) - IBM scientists demonstrate 10x faster large-sc
Patreon's new service fee spurs concern that creators will lose ...
245 points by slyall 5 hours ago
view comments (185) - Patreon's new service fee spurs concern that
Distributed Performance Testing in the Cloud with JMeter and AWS
23 points by mfolaron 3 hours ago
view comments (5) - Distributed Performance Testing in the Cloud wi
Decoding an air conditioner control's checksum with differential...
25 points by kogir 3 hours ago
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