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Ask HN: Huge enterprise customer wants to see our source code
184 points by throwawaysource 6 hours ago
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Regarding the NiceHash security breach
15 points by 6d6b73 35 minutes ago
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Antidote: CRDT-based distributed database
166 points by KirinDave 5 hours ago
view comments (56) - Antidote: CRDT-based distributed database
About the security content of macOS High Sierra 10.13.2
125 points by firloop 2 hours ago
view comments (41) - About the security content of macOS High Sierr
PostgreSQL HA cluster failure: a post-mortem
198 points by stevedomin 7 hours ago
view comments (71) - PostgreSQL HA cluster failure: a post-mortem
Some SpiderMonkey Optimizations in Firefox Quantum
90 points by jandem 11 hours ago
view comments (5) - Some SpiderMonkey Optimizations in Firefox Quan
Show HN: Effects of House and Senate Bill on California Residents
78 points by brockwhittaker 1 hours ago
view comments (99) - Show HN: Effects of House and Senate Bill on C
Writing a C Compiler, Part 2
139 points by luu 7 hours ago
view comments (11) - Writing a C Compiler, Part 2
Down with Determinants (1995)
17 points by sdenton4 4 hours ago
view comments (5) - Down with Determinants (1995)
Hearing on Cybersecurity of Voting Machines: Testimony of Prof. ...
107 points by warrenm 6 hours ago
view comments (122) - Hearing on Cybersecurity of Voting Machines:
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