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CVS Is Said to Agree to Buy Aetna
114 points by jdpedrie 3 hours ago
view comments (59) - CVS Is Said to Agree to Buy Aetna
Redoing all my home networking
99 points by msh 4 hours ago
view comments (36) - Redoing all my home networking
Amazon, in hunt for lower prices, recruits Indian merchants
73 points by ehllo 4 hours ago
view comments (14) - Amazon, in hunt for lower prices, recruits Ind
Optimization for Deep Learning Highlights
25 points by stablemap 1 hours ago
view comments (3) - Optimization for Deep Learning Highlights
Google at NIPS 2017
10 points by karmel 54 minutes ago
view comments (0) - Google at NIPS 2017
Maps Showing Where FBI Planes Are Watching from Above (2016)
102 points by colinprince 9 hours ago
view comments (10) - Maps Showing Where FBI Planes Are Watching fro
Open source innovation is now about vendor on-ramps
57 points by mgiannopoulos 9 hours ago
view comments (21) - Open source innovation is now about vendor on-
Dice Become Ordered When Stirred, Not Shaken
152 points by ingve 7 hours ago
view comments (49) - Dice Become Ordered When Stirred, Not Shaken
Taking Children Seriously
63 points by monort 14 hours ago
view comments (50) - Taking Children Seriously
Taking a sabbatical to work on Ruby profiling tools
33 points by bkudria 4 hours ago
view comments (7) - Taking a sabbatical to work on Ruby profiling t
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