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American Airlines Accidentally Let Too Many Pilots Take Off the ...
54 points by huac 54 minutes ago
view comments (17) - American Airlines Accidentally Let Too Many Pi
Vassal - Online Adaptations of Board Games
129 points by evo_9 3 hours ago
view comments (34) - Vassal - Online Adaptations of Board Games
AWS Fargate - Run Containers Without Managing Infrastructure
385 points by moritzplassnig 6 hours ago
view comments (158) - AWS Fargate - Run Containers Without Managing
Amazon FreeRTOS IoT operating system for microcontrollers
32 points by tdrnd 1 hours ago
view comments (8) - Amazon FreeRTOS IoT operating system for microc
Seventh RISC-V Workshop: Day One
37 points by bshanks 1 hours ago
view comments (2) - Seventh RISC-V Workshop: Day One
Hello, world: this is WikiTribune
588 points by nafizh 9 hours ago
view comments (183) - Hello, world: this is WikiTribune
Interactive workflows for C++ with Jupyter
176 points by SylvainCorlay 5 hours ago
view comments (22) - Interactive workflows for C++ with Jupyter
Nasdaq Plans to Introduce Bitcoin Futures
167 points by knwang 6 hours ago
view comments (103) - Nasdaq Plans to Introduce Bitcoin Futures
What I'm Telling US Congress about Data Breaches
181 points by robin_reala 6 hours ago
view comments (59) - What I'm Telling US Congress about Data Breach
Facebook's New Captcha Test: 'Upload a Clear Photo of Your Face'
221 points by artsandsci 8 hours ago
view comments (231) - Facebook's New Captcha Test: 'Upload a Clear
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