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Romanian Facebook users see their protests-related content revie...
314 points by paganel 2 hours ago
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Facebook censored people protesting a corrupt government
211 points by dcro 2 hours ago
view comments (8) - Facebook censored people protesting a corrupt g
Woman offers WaPo false tale about Roy Moore in effort to discre...
319 points by fmihaila 1 hours ago
view comments (92) - Woman offers WaPo false tale about Roy Moore i
Norvig's Python programs to practice or demonstrate skills
544 points by federicoponzi 9 hours ago
view comments (54) - Norvig's Python programs to practice or demons
Video Startup Can't Outspend YouTube, So It Created New Currency...
89 points by beriboy 4 hours ago
view comments (56) - Video Startup Can't Outspend YouTube, So It Cr
Telerik gets Fiddler unlisted from Chocolatey
17 points by Arnavion 1 hours ago
view comments (11) - Telerik gets Fiddler unlisted from Chocolatey
Cavium Is an Arm Server Contender
63 points by Katydid 4 hours ago
view comments (34) - Cavium Is an Arm Server Contender
Transforming How We Collect and Visualize Information about Urba...
23 points by projectsidewalk 2 hours ago
view comments (4) - Transforming How We Collect and Visualize Infor
American Equity
336 points by nebula 5 hours ago
view comments (353) - American Equity
Stanford CS007: Personal Finance For Engineers
750 points by destraynor 10 hours ago
view comments (247) - Stanford CS007: Personal Finance For Engineer
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