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A friendly first-principles intro to backprop in python
51 points by sushantc 4 hours ago
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Start Tracking Satellites with This Low-Cost Azimuth-Elevation P...
32 points by LarryManchoney 4 hours ago
view comments (4) - Start Tracking Satellites with This Low-Cost Az
The citizens of Detroit are building their own Internet
21 points by rmason 1 hours ago
view comments (1) - The citizens of Detroit are building their own
Photovoltaic growth: reality versus projections of the IEA - the...
24 points by ericdanielski 4 hours ago
view comments (4) - Photovoltaic growth: reality versus projections
Revisiting the Mutilated Chessboard
38 points by ColinWright 6 hours ago
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Firefox will soon flag sites that have been hacked
102 points by joeyespo 5 hours ago
view comments (30) - Firefox will soon flag sites that have been ha
Physicists make most precise measurement ever of the proton's ma...
74 points by dnetesn 11 hours ago
view comments (46) - Physicists make most precise measurement ever
A CMS with no server and 18 lines of configuration
127 points by owenm 13 hours ago
view comments (62) - A CMS with no server and 18 lines of configura
Unit Testing Doesn't Affect Codebases the Way You Would Think
112 points by ingve 13 hours ago
view comments (52) - Unit Testing Doesn't Affect Codebases the Way
The HP-35 Design: A Case Study in Innovation (2011) [pdf]
15 points by keenerd 6 hours ago
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