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Numpy: Plan for dropping Python 2.7 support
253 points by AndrewDucker 1 hours ago
view comments (82) - Numpy: Plan for dropping Python 2.7 support
New EU law prescribes website blocking in the name of "consumer ...
58 points by cameronhowe 1 hours ago
view comments (16) - New EU law prescribes website blocking in the
Code together in real time with Teletype for Atom
567 points by hswolff 6 hours ago
view comments (150) - Code together in real time with Teletype for
How the Chinese Government Fakes Social Media Posts for Strategi...
16 points by pulisse 24 minutes ago
view comments (0) - How the Chinese Government Fakes Social Media P
The Brutal Fight to Mine Your Data and Sell It to Your Boss
135 points by artsandsci 3 hours ago
view comments (59) - The Brutal Fight to Mine Your Data and Sell It
Schneier: It's Time to Regulate IoT to Improve Cyber-Security
64 points by pwg 1 hours ago
view comments (50) - Schneier: It's Time to Regulate IoT to Improve
PyAnnotate - Auto-generate type annotations for mypy
43 points by psychotik 1 hours ago
view comments (3) - PyAnnotate - Auto-generate type annotations for
Concise Electronics for Geeks
47 points by nbmh 9 hours ago
view comments (2) - Concise Electronics for Geeks
Choosy Eggs May Pick Sperm for Their Genes, Defying Mendel's Law
20 points by sprucely 59 minutes ago
view comments (0) - Choosy Eggs May Pick Sperm for Their Genes, Def
Closest Temperate World Orbiting Quiet Star Discovered
150 points by beefman 6 hours ago
view comments (94) - Closest Temperate World Orbiting Quiet Star Di
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