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Writing a basic x86-64 JIT compiler from scratch in stock Python
105 points by csl 2 hours ago
view comments (11) - Writing a basic x86-64 JIT compiler from scrat
Creating a Modern OCR Pipeline Using Computer Vision and Deep Le...
234 points by wwarner 5 hours ago
view comments (73) - Creating a Modern OCR Pipeline Using Computer
The end of the housing supply debate (maybe)
17 points by jseliger 35 minutes ago
view comments (5) - The end of the housing supply debate (maybe)
Low-cost, non-invasive melanoma detector wins award
221 points by ductionist 8 hours ago
view comments (37) - Low-cost, non-invasive melanoma detector wins
Niagara Falls without water in 1969
87 points by howrude 4 hours ago
view comments (24) - Niagara Falls without water in 1969
How We Deliver Global SSL with Let's Encrypt
73 points by jnunemaker 3 hours ago
view comments (9) - How We Deliver Global SSL with Let's Encrypt
TensorForce 0.3: End-to-end computation graphs for reinforcement...
80 points by k_f 9 hours ago
view comments (0) - TensorForce 0.3: End-to-end computation graphs
Skyrim rendered in text
298 points by ellinokon 11 hours ago
view comments (65) - Skyrim rendered in text
Russian Peasant Multiplication
91 points by sayham28 16 hours ago
view comments (25) - Russian Peasant Multiplication
Show HN: Cure for Impostor Syndrome (in the form of a quick and ...
19 points by vcavallo 1 hours ago
view comments (3) - Show HN: Cure for Impostor Syndrome (in the for
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