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Velodyne's VLS-128 offers more resolution, smaller package, lowe...
40 points by deepnotderp 3 hours ago
view comments (13) - Velodyne's VLS-128 offers more resolution, sma
How Sentry Receives 20B Events per Month While Preparing to Hand...
94 points by ryangoldman 4 hours ago
view comments (45) - How Sentry Receives 20B Events per Month While
A DoS Attack Against the C# Compiler
58 points by benaadams 5 hours ago
view comments (31) - A DoS Attack Against the C# Compiler
Segwit2x Bitcoin Fork Suspended
373 points by avinassh 5 hours ago
view comments (166) - Segwit2x Bitcoin Fork Suspended
Game Over We Have Obtained Fully Functional JTAG for Intel CSME ...
113 points by panny 2 hours ago
view comments (16) - Game Over We Have Obtained Fully Functional JT
A Clash of Cultures
226 points by kungfudoi 7 hours ago
view comments (152) - A Clash of Cultures
Show HN: Keratin AuthN - Accounts and Auth Microservice in Go
70 points by cainlevy 6 hours ago
view comments (46) - Show HN: Keratin AuthN - Accounts and Auth Mic
IBM Type
285 points by robin_reala 14 hours ago
view comments (115) - IBM Type
Smarking (YC W15) Is Hiring Sr.PM/Head of Product in SF

1 points 1 hours ago
view listing - Smarking (YC W15) Is Hiring Sr.PM/Head of Product in
China's Tencent Buys 12% Stake in Snap
115 points by jakarta 10 hours ago
view comments (41) - China's Tencent Buys 12% Stake in Snap
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