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Clojurecademy is now open source
49 points by ertucetin 10 hours ago
view comments (6) - Clojurecademy is now open source
UK spies using social media data for mass surveillance
26 points by infodroid 3 hours ago
view comments (16) - UK spies using social media data for mass surv
Turning minor-key songs major
14 points by renaudg 11 hours ago
view comments (7) - Turning minor-key songs major
Ohm: Parsing Made Easy
181 points by pdubroy 8 hours ago
view comments (89) - Ohm: Parsing Made Easy
Just own the damn robots
158 points by npalli 11 hours ago
view comments (74) - Just own the damn robots
New Da Vinci bio portrays a man obsessed with knowledge, impossi...
26 points by ehudla 3 hours ago
view comments (15) - New Da Vinci bio portrays a man obsessed with
Why I use Object Pascal
219 points by samuell 10 hours ago
view comments (192) - Why I use Object Pascal
Modeling optimal marathon performance on the basis of physiologi...
5 points by luisb 6 hours ago
view comments (0) - Modeling optimal marathon performance on the ba
Show HN: Writing - A lightweight distraction-free editor (MathJa...

24 points by josephernest 2 hours ago
view comments (8) - Show HN: Writing - A lightweight distraction-fr
MailChimp vs. Amazon SES - How I Reduced My Monthly Bill
105 points by dreamache 4 hours ago
view comments (88) - MailChimp vs. Amazon SES - How I Reduced My Mo
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