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The Mathematical Genius of Auto-Tune
140 points by wallflower 9 hours ago
view comments (42) - The Mathematical Genius of Auto-Tune
Perceptually uniform color spaces
168 points by beardicus 6 hours ago
view comments (40) - Perceptually uniform color spaces
Infineon RSA Key Generation Issue
171 points by cimnine 16 hours ago
view comments (58) - Infineon RSA Key Generation Issue
When the plane takes off, why doesn't the tail hit the runway?
43 points by skellertor 18 hours ago
view comments (32) - When the plane takes off, why doesn't the tail
Gender Distribution in North Korean Posters
90 points by fcambus 17 hours ago
view comments (19) - Gender Distribution in North Korean Posters
The Founder's Guide to Raising a Series A Venture Financing
100 points by dpcheng2003 7 hours ago
view comments (15) - The Founder's Guide to Raising a Series A Vent
Lessons Operating a Serverless-Like Platform at Netflix, Part 2
125 points by diab0lic 4 days ago
view comments (21) - Lessons Operating a Serverless-Like Platform a
Understanding the Emotional Response (2015)
8 points by thelastnode 1 hours ago
view comments (0) - Understanding the Emotional Response (2015)
Show HN: Send a fax to 50 countries, no signup, account or subsc...
78 points by kunle 6 hours ago
view comments (42) - Show HN: Send a fax to 50 countries, no signup
How the Transbay Transit Center Is Reshaping San Francisco
23 points by CaliforniaKarl 3 hours ago
view comments (21) - How the Transbay Transit Center Is Reshaping S
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