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Digging for treasure in Aladdin's source code
221 points by j_s 8 hours ago
view comments (59) - Digging for treasure in Aladdin's source code
Plato Would Have Wanted Us to Unplug

37 points by fern12 3 hours ago
view comments (12) - Plato Would Have Wanted Us to Unplug
Show HN: Vue-Model - Models with HTTP Actions for Vue.js
33 points by aarondf 2 hours ago
view comments (12) - Show HN: Vue-Model - Models with HTTP Actions
Qutebrowser - a keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI
12 points by ashitlerferad 7 hours ago
view comments (3) - Qutebrowser - a keyboard-focused browser with a
Indigo Fair (YC W17) Is Hiring Front End Engineers in Kitchener/...
1 points 1 hours ago
view listing - Indigo Fair (YC W17) Is Hiring Front End Engineers i
UPX - Ultimate Packer for Executables
64 points by jsnathan 12 hours ago
view comments (33) - UPX - Ultimate Packer for Executables
Google commits $1B in grants to train U.S. workers for high-tech...
264 points by thesanerguy 4 hours ago
view comments (239) - Google commits $1B in grants to train U.S. wo
The Uber Game: Can you make it in the gig economy?
6 points by chrisaycock 6 hours ago
view comments (0) - The Uber Game: Can you make it in the gig econo
How to Set Up a Company in Germany for English-Speaking People
146 points by shapiro92 13 hours ago
view comments (72) - How to Set Up a Company in Germany for English
Atom's new concurrency-friendly buffer implementation
81 points by madspindel 4 hours ago
view comments (5) - Atom's new concurrency-friendly buffer implemen
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