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How we run NPM packages in the browser
69 points by judofyr 6 hours ago
view comments (10) - How we run NPM packages in the browser
PlanGrid (YC W12) Is Hiring Android, Full Stack, Infrastructure ...
1 points 49 minutes ago
view listing - PlanGrid (YC W12) Is Hiring Android, Full Stack, Inf
An Accidental Marketing Tactic That Many Companies Can Learn From
36 points by fraqed 6 hours ago
view comments (33) - An Accidental Marketing Tactic That Many Compa
An introduction to North Korean graphic design
88 points by kawera 5 hours ago
view comments (19) - An introduction to North Korean graphic design
It's not ok for billion-dollar companies to crowdfund
71 points by tuwannu 3 hours ago
view comments (33) - It's not ok for billion-dollar companies to cr
Ask HN: How common is a counteroffer for developers who give not...
24 points by bjornlouser 2 hours ago
view comments (30) - Ask HN: How common is a counteroffer for devel
A Comparison of Four Algorithms Textbooks
125 points by kerneldeveloper 13 hours ago
view comments (27) - A Comparison of Four Algorithms Textbooks
Physics, Topology, Logic and Computation: A Rosetta Stone (2009)...
105 points by gfredtech 13 hours ago
view comments (27) - Physics, Topology, Logic and Computation: A Ro
Finding Waldo Using Semantic Segmentation and Tiramisu
48 points by carlosgg 8 hours ago
view comments (1) - Finding Waldo Using Semantic Segmentation and T
A scientist who spots fake videos
110 points by rstoj 12 hours ago
view comments (30) - A scientist who spots fake videos
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