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What's been wrought using the Piece Table? (2014)
187 points by punnerud 2 hours ago
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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (October 2017)
429 points by whoishiring 7 hours ago
view comments (651) - Ask HN: Who is hiring? (October 2017)
Streams: a new general purpose data structure in Redis
377 points by darwhy 7 hours ago
view comments (90) - Streams: a new general purpose data structure
Y Combinator's Founding Principles
108 points by craigkerstiens 4 hours ago
view comments (37) - Y Combinator's Founding Principles
Diminishing returns of static typing
260 points by robgering 7 hours ago
view comments (381) - Diminishing returns of static typing
ZeroNet: Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and the Bit...
211 points by csantini 8 hours ago
view comments (37) - ZeroNet: Decentralized websites using Bitcoin
Brain vs. Deep Learning (2015)
32 points by akkishore 1 days ago
view comments (4) - Brain vs. Deep Learning (2015)
Martin Fowler's Gothic Hotel Model - How It Should Be Done
15 points by UltraDark 12 hours ago
view comments (1) - Martin Fowler's Gothic Hotel Model - How It Sho
Show HN: Paint yourself in the style of classic art, in your bro...
192 points by reiinakano 10 hours ago
view comments (74) - Show HN: Paint yourself in the style of classi
Behind the Masq: Yet More DNS and DHCP Vulnerabilities
142 points by philips 9 hours ago
view comments (75) - Behind the Masq: Yet More DNS and DHCP Vulnera
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