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Mino Games Is Hiring Programmers in Montreal
1 points 43 minutes ago
view listing - Mino Games Is Hiring Programmers in Montreal
MathML is a failed web standard (2016)
46 points by auggierose 5 hours ago
view comments (32) - MathML is a failed web standard (2016)
Tyler Cowen interviews Larry Summers on Macroeconomics, Mentorsh...
31 points by objections 4 hours ago
view comments (0) - Tyler Cowen interviews Larry Summers on Macroec
Zero-knowledge proofs, Zcash, and Ethereum
48 points by mhluongo 2 days ago
view comments (15) - Zero-knowledge proofs, Zcash, and Ethereum
Parallel processing with Unix tools
191 points by kiyanwang 13 hours ago
view comments (60) - Parallel processing with Unix tools
Post a boarding pass on Facebook, get your account stolen
568 points by flux_w42 16 hours ago
view comments (263) - Post a boarding pass on Facebook, get your ac
An American City Where the Government Barely Exists
72 points by rmason 21 hours ago
view comments (84) - An American City Where the Government Barely E
What happens if you turn off the traffic lights?
92 points by okket 14 hours ago
view comments (67) - What happens if you turn off the traffic light
Biometric payment system trialled in supermarket
14 points by tooba 2 days ago
view comments (4) - Biometric payment system trialled in supermarke
Silicon Zeroes
15 points by jonnybgood 6 hours ago
view comments (2) - Silicon Zeroes
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