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It's time to kill the web app
330 points by raindev 4 hours ago
view comments (218) - It's time to kill the web app
As Equifax Amassed Ever More Data, Safety Was a Sales Pitch
52 points by tim_sw 2 hours ago
view comments (10) - As Equifax Amassed Ever More Data, Safety Was
Duck Duck Go: Illusion of Privacy (2013)
77 points by awaisraad 4 hours ago
view comments (43) - Duck Duck Go: Illusion of Privacy (2013)
A slump in new businesses is a drag on the economy
93 points by lkrubner 5 hours ago
view comments (61) - A slump in new businesses is a drag on the eco
Like modern democracies, ancient Greek democracy had an anger pr...
59 points by drjohnson 4 hours ago
view comments (17) - Like modern democracies, ancient Greek democra
How We Grow Junior Developers at the BBC
100 points by chaghalibaghali 2 days ago
view comments (31) - How We Grow Junior Developers at the BBC
Show HN: ThingsOnReddit - Products linked to on Reddit
33 points by brudolph 2 hours ago
view comments (11) - Show HN: ThingsOnReddit - Products linked to o
Bitcoin Paper Wallets (2015)
63 points by j_s 2 days ago
view comments (25) - Bitcoin Paper Wallets (2015)
Casper went to war with popular mattress review site then financ...
37 points by jsm386 1 hours ago
view comments (7) - Casper went to war with popular mattress review
A 1979 War-Game That Takes 1,500 Hours to Complete
47 points by danso 2 days ago
view comments (30) - A 1979 War-Game That Takes 1,500 Hours to Comp
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