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Give away your code, but never your time
30 points by brakmic 38 minutes ago
view comments (10) - Give away your code, but never your time
Massive genetic study shows how humans are evolving
157 points by gwern 5 hours ago
view comments (72) - Massive genetic study shows how humans are evo
Unearthed near Hadrian's Wall: lost secrets of first Roman soldiers
39 points by Shivetya 10 hours ago
view comments (7) - Unearthed near Hadrian's Wall: lost secrets of
Solving pocket Rubik's cube (2*2*2) using Z3 and SAT solver
18 points by dennis714 1 hours ago
view comments (3) - Solving pocket Rubik's cube (2*2*2) using Z3 an
Hypercomputation: Computing more than the Turing machine (2002)
56 points by ColinWright 2 days ago
view comments (14) - Hypercomputation: Computing more than the Turi
Smarter speed bump using non-Newtonian liquid
77 points by chr1 5 hours ago
view comments (62) - Smarter speed bump using non-Newtonian liquid
Lotfi Zadeh has died
145 points by zeratul 9 hours ago
view comments (14) - Lotfi Zadeh has died
Equifax Lobbied to Kill Rule Protecting Victims of Data Breaches
571 points by Dowwie 7 hours ago
view comments (110) - Equifax Lobbied to Kill Rule Protecting Victi
A/NES is a NES/Famicom 8-bit emulator for Classic Amigas
46 points by doener 10 hours ago
view comments (7) - A/NES is a NES/Famicom 8-bit emulator for Class
Breaking the x86 Instruction Set: how to find undocumented x86 i...
39 points by old-gregg 23 hours ago
view comments (7) - Breaking the x86 Instruction Set: how to find u
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