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A Thorium-Salt Reactor Has Fired Up for the First Time in Four D...
178 points by jseliger 3 hours ago
view comments (57) - A Thorium-Salt Reactor Has Fired Up for the Fi
iOS 11 Safari will automatically strip AMP links from shared URLs
62 points by OberstKrueger 1 hours ago
view comments (18) - iOS 11 Safari will automatically strip AMP lin
Moving The New York Times Games Platform to Google App Engine
77 points by spyspy 2 hours ago
view comments (20) - Moving The New York Times Games Platform to Go
Billionaires and big ag are joining venture investors to fund la...
35 points by sethbannon 1 hours ago
view comments (15) - Billionaires and big ag are joining venture in
Introducing Network Service Tiers
249 points by ropiku 6 hours ago
view comments (151) - Introducing Network Service Tiers
Ex-lottery worker who rigged winnings gets 25 years in prison
71 points by WestCoastJustin 3 hours ago
view comments (131) - Ex-lottery worker who rigged winnings gets 25
The Interface font family
204 points by glhaynes 5 hours ago
view comments (54) - The Interface font family
Universities are broke - let's cut the pointless admin and get b...
48 points by ryan_j_naughton 2 hours ago
view comments (27) - Universities are broke - let's cut the pointle
Whalesong: a Racket to JavaScript compiler
32 points by Tomte 2 hours ago
view comments (5) - Whalesong: a Racket to JavaScript compiler
FTC Approves of Amazon and Whole Foods Deal
75 points by janober 1 hours ago
view comments (7) - FTC Approves of Amazon and Whole Foods Deal
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