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Is LIBOR, Benchmark for Trillions of Dollars in Transactions, a ...
94 points by signor_bosco 2 hours ago
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SoundCloud saved by emergency funding as CEO steps aside

397 points by janober 7 hours ago
view comments (153) - SoundCloud saved by emergency funding as CEO
The Secret to Startup Success? Fudge Your Age
30 points by rayuela 1 hours ago
view comments (23) - The Secret to Startup Success? Fudge Your Age
Dig into Nearly 30 Years of Free Classic Science Fiction
18 points by anthraxstars 1 hours ago
view comments (5) - Dig into Nearly 30 Years of Free Classic Scienc
How far you can get if you leave the largest U.S. cities at rush...
64 points by mcone 2 hours ago
view comments (21) - How far you can get if you leave the largest U
I Fell Victim to a $1,500 Used Camera Lens Scam on Amazon
503 points by QUFB 3 hours ago
view comments (242) - I Fell Victim to a $1,500 Used Camera Lens Sc
Britain's Forgotten Bike Highways
39 points by jamesbowman 2 hours ago
view comments (9) - Britain's Forgotten Bike Highways
Ad blocking is under attack
878 points by tiagobraw 8 hours ago
view comments (456) - Ad blocking is under attack
Creating domain-specific languages in Julia using macros (like l...
24 points by ViralBShah 2 hours ago
view comments (2) - Creating domain-specific languages in Julia usi
Crafting plausible fantasy maps
234 points by fanf2 9 hours ago
view comments (46) - Crafting plausible fantasy maps
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