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Apple staffers reportedly rebelling against open office plan
142 points by V99 1 hours ago
view comments (99) - Apple staffers reportedly rebelling against op
SKYACTIV-X: first commercial gasoline engine to use compression ...
106 points by interconnector 7 hours ago
view comments (157) - SKYACTIV-X: first commercial gasoline engine
Cruise is running an autonomous ride hailing service for employe...
182 points by edward 8 hours ago
view comments (119) - Cruise is running an autonomous ride hailing
Diane Greene's Advice for Founders [video]
31 points by craigcannon 3 hours ago
view comments (2) - Diane Greene's Advice for Founders [video]
Show HN: Gorillaz - Andromeda Music Video in WebGL
14 points by yagizgurgul 1 hours ago
view comments (3) - Show HN: Gorillaz - Andromeda Music Video in We
Instagram photos reveal predictive markers of depression
160 points by mcone 10 hours ago
view comments (68) - Instagram photos reveal predictive markers of
Show HN: An interactive guide to compression basics
179 points by unwttng 10 hours ago
view comments (50) - Show HN: An interactive guide to compression b
Mongoose OS - An Open Source Operating System for the Internet o...
155 points by j4mie 10 hours ago
view comments (81) - Mongoose OS - An Open Source Operating System
Launch HN: Muzmatch (YC S17) - A place where 400M single Muslims...
106 points by brod_ie 5 hours ago
view comments (69) - Launch HN: Muzmatch (YC S17) - A place where 4
Show HN: Cancelable async primitives for JavaScript
41 points by Mitranim 4 hours ago
view comments (40) - Show HN: Cancelable async primitives for JavaS
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