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How Discord Scaled Elixir to 5M Concurrent Users
191 points by b1naryth1ef 1 hours ago
view comments (45) - How Discord Scaled Elixir to 5M Concurrent Use
ECMAScript 2017 Language Specification
457 points by samerbuna 7 hours ago
view comments (175) - ECMAScript 2017 Language Specification
Cloudflare's fight with a "patent troll" could alter the game
335 points by Stanleyc23 5 hours ago
view comments (120) - Cloudflare's fight with a "patent troll" coul
The History of GeoWorks, Microsoft Windows' Upstart '90s Competi...
28 points by FollowSteph3 1 hours ago
view comments (7) - The History of GeoWorks, Microsoft Windows' Ups
Math education: It's not about numbers, it's about learning how ...
368 points by CarolineW 9 hours ago
view comments (234) - Math education: It's not about numbers, it's
How to GraphQL - A Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL
194 points by sorenbs 5 hours ago
view comments (56) - How to GraphQL - A Fullstack Tutorial for Grap
Students Are Better Off Without a Laptop in the Classroom
187 points by thearn4 5 hours ago
view comments (142) - Students Are Better Off Without a Laptop in t
Why Won't China Help with North Korea? Remember 1956
37 points by kawera 3 hours ago
view comments (6) - Why Won't China Help with North Korea? Remember
Pentagon Tiling Proof Solves Century-Old Math Problem
83 points by petethomas 5 hours ago
view comments (20) - Pentagon Tiling Proof Solves Century-Old Math
Saying Sorry When Things Go Wrong [pdf]
45 points by DanBC 4 hours ago
view comments (19) - Saying Sorry When Things Go Wrong [pdf]
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