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The 2 Underrated Startup Success Factors
39 points by yinso 1 hours ago
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Grsecurity: Potential contributory infringement and breach of co...
25 points by SwellJoe 59 minutes ago
view comments (9) - Grsecurity: Potential contributory infringement
Calif Dep of Public Health Open Data Portal - Public Datasets
22 points by ruffrey 1 hours ago
view comments (1) - Calif Dep of Public Health Open Data Portal - P
Show HN: Using functions to construct regex in python
32 points by iogf 2 hours ago
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Google Drive hasn't worked in 191 days
18 points by wabi-sabi 44 minutes ago
view comments (1) - Google Drive hasn't worked in 191 days
GoCardless (YC S11) Is Hiring Software Engineers/SREs/Data Scien...
1 points 2 minutes ago
view listing - GoCardless (YC S11) Is Hiring Software Engineers/SRE
How to make a friend fast - the scientific method
75 points by trurl42 3 hours ago
view comments (16) - How to make a friend fast - the scientific met
Counterintuitive problem: People in a room keep giving dollars t...
370 points by aqsalose 10 hours ago
view comments (172) - Counterintuitive problem: People in a room ke
Using chip memory more efficiently
44 points by redtuesday 4 hours ago
view comments (4) - Using chip memory more efficiently
Show HN: Very basic blockchain-free cryptocurrency PoC in Python
90 points by Graa 6 hours ago
view comments (31) - Show HN: Very basic blockchain-free cryptocurr
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