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How Nature Solves Problems Through Computation
55 points by digital55 1 hours ago
view comments (7) - How Nature Solves Problems Through Computation
Where Do Type Systems Come From?
34 points by philix001 1 hours ago
view comments (14) - Where Do Type Systems Come From?
Real estate site Redfin files for IPO
162 points by realdlee 6 hours ago
view comments (218) - Real estate site Redfin files for IPO
Good at programming competitions does not equal good on the job ...
218 points by jpn 4 hours ago
view comments (118) - Good at programming competitions does not equ
How to See What the Internet Knows About You
171 points by alexkavon 7 hours ago
view comments (58) - How to See What the Internet Knows About You
Will Seattle figure out how to deal with its new wealth?
17 points by wallflower 5 hours ago
view comments (15) - Will Seattle figure out how to deal with its n
Lessons from my first year of live coding on Twitch
75 points by ingve 4 hours ago
view comments (24) - Lessons from my first year of live coding on T
Show HN: Globe visualizations in Golang
182 points by mmcloughlin 9 hours ago
view comments (27) - Show HN: Globe visualizations in Golang
Don't Settle for Eventual Consistency (2014)
15 points by alrex021 2 hours ago
view comments (0) - Don't Settle for Eventual Consistency (2014)
How 'Wellness' Became an Epidemic
19 points by prostoalex 4 hours ago
view comments (13) - How 'Wellness' Became an Epidemic
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