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Tesla drops 7% after Goldman Sachs says the stock is worth $180
80 points by janober 1 hours ago
view comments (66) - Tesla drops 7% after Goldman Sachs says the st
Making a virtual machine in Google Sheets
774 points by signa11 11 hours ago
view comments (86) - Making a virtual machine in Google Sheets
Two Decades of Recommender Systems at
71 points by chwolfe 2 hours ago
view comments (18) - Two Decades of Recommender Systems at Amazon.c
Show HN: A virtual machine made with Google Sheets formulas (no ...
353 points by SonOfLilit 7 hours ago
view comments (30) - Show HN: A virtual machine made with Google Sh
How 'Critical User Journeys' can help a product take off
30 points by wyndham 2 hours ago
view comments (3) - How 'Critical User Journeys' can help a product
Let's Code a TCP/IP Stack: TCP Retransmission
214 points by ingve 12 hours ago
view comments (19) - Let's Code a TCP/IP Stack: TCP Retransmission
Blue Apron falls 9% on fourth day as a public company
35 points by janober 2 hours ago
view comments (36) - Blue Apron falls 9% on fourth day as a public
What the brain's wiring looks like
81 points by happy-go-lucky 9 hours ago
view comments (23) - What the brain's wiring looks like
GitNotifier - Email notifications for selected GitHub repository...
24 points by wilsonfiifi 3 hours ago
view comments (7) - GitNotifier - Email notifications for selected
Rebass - Functional React UI component library built with styled...
71 points by mxstbr 5 hours ago
view comments (31) - Rebass - Functional React UI component library
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