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2bit Astrophotography with the Game Boy Camera
134 points by cremno 4 hours ago
view comments (37) - 2bit Astrophotography with the Game Boy Camera
An old idea to make cities more pedestrian-friendly: pedestrian ...
74 points by curtis 4 hours ago
view comments (80) - An old idea to make cities more pedestrian-fri
Ballerina - concurrent, typed language with textual and graphica...
26 points by levosmetalo 2 hours ago
view comments (2) - Ballerina - concurrent, typed language with tex
Stopping the Internet of Noise - A useful internet back again
22 points by alanfranzoni 1 hours ago
view comments (3) - Stopping the Internet of Noise - A useful inter
A collection of text mode fonts, system fonts and BIOS fonts fro...
287 points by BerislavLopac 10 hours ago
view comments (49) - A collection of text mode fonts, system fonts
In Neanderthal DNA, Signs of a Mysterious Human Migration
69 points by iamjeff 4 hours ago
view comments (13) - In Neanderthal DNA, Signs of a Mysterious Huma
Yelp's Six-Year Conflict with Google
68 points by gaplus 3 days ago
view comments (75) - Yelp's Six-Year Conflict with Google
Can Microbes Encourage Altruism?
12 points by tdurden 1 hours ago
view comments (2) - Can Microbes Encourage Altruism?
Gitter is open source
464 points by chx 15 hours ago
view comments (158) - Gitter is open source
'Anumeric' people: when a language has no words for numbers
42 points by wormold 4 hours ago
view comments (14) - 'Anumeric' people: when a language has no word
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