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Moderate drinking associated with atrophy in brain related to me...
182 points by tuxguy 3 hours ago
view comments (133) - Moderate drinking associated with atrophy in
Overview of Scala.js from a GWT developer perspective
8 points by based2 58 minutes ago
view comments (1) - Overview of Scala.js from a GWT developer persp
The Future of Coal Country
45 points by ptrptr 4 hours ago
view comments (33) - The Future of Coal Country
A Path Less Taken to the Peak of the Math World
83 points by bkudria 7 hours ago
view comments (23) - A Path Less Taken to the Peak of the Math Worl
Show HN: StackImpact - Python Production Profiler: CPU, Memory, ...
101 points by dmitrim 8 hours ago
view comments (55) - Show HN: StackImpact - Python Production Profi
Another Ransomware Outbreak Is Going Global
383 points by smn1234 8 hours ago
view comments (323) - Another Ransomware Outbreak Is Going Global
Compiling a subset of Python syntax to x86-64 assembly for fun a...
60 points by benhoyt 10 hours ago
view comments (4) - Compiling a subset of Python syntax to x86-64 a
Artistically shaped magnets may make stellarators easier to mana...
95 points by okket 10 hours ago
view comments (42) - Artistically shaped magnets may make stellarat
Despite money and effort, homelessness in SF as bad as ever
110 points by rafaelc 5 hours ago
view comments (190) - Despite money and effort, homelessness in SF
Rise of ARM: First Windows 10 PC Running Snapdragon 835 Chip Dem...
67 points by rbanffy 5 hours ago
view comments (65) - Rise of ARM: First Windows 10 PC Running Snapd
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