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Magic-Wormhole - Get things from one computer to another, safely
128 points by lelf 1 hours ago
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MIT's gas-powered drone is able to stay in the air for five days...
123 points by janober 3 hours ago
view comments (68) - MIT's gas-powered drone is able to stay in the
How I learned to code in my 30s
57 points by bradcrispin 2 hours ago
view comments (12) - How I learned to code in my 30s
Avast Antivirus Remote Stack Buffer Overflow with Magic Numbers
121 points by landave 10 hours ago
view comments (16) - Avast Antivirus Remote Stack Buffer Overflow w
Why Is NumPy Only Now Getting Funded?
212 points by numfocusfnd 3 hours ago
view comments (34) - Why Is NumPy Only Now Getting Funded?
Show HN: GreenPiThumb - A Raspberry Pi Gardening Bot
450 points by mtlynch 10 hours ago
view comments (157) - Show HN: GreenPiThumb - A Raspberry Pi Garden
Java and SIMD
75 points by mmastrac 1 days ago
view comments (15) - Java and SIMD
A Slow-Motion Trainwreck Facing the Meal-Kit Industry
130 points by jessaustin 6 hours ago
view comments (180) - A Slow-Motion Trainwreck Facing the Meal-Kit
Reduce your startup's payroll taxes through the new Federal R&D ...
106 points by edawerd 4 hours ago
view comments (45) - Reduce your startup's payroll taxes through th
Upcall (YC W17) Is Hiring Developers - API for Phone Calls
1 points 31 minutes ago
view listing - Upcall (YC W17) Is Hiring Developers - API for Phone
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