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 ==== Local News

Pete's Blog
Upper Calder Valley Plain Speaker
Calderdale News via the Halifax Courier

 ==== UK News

Announcements on GOV.UK
Court News UK - Top Stories

 ==== Other

Hindenburg Research Financial Forensics
Craig Murry: Historian, Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist
Poultry News-The Voice of the UK Poultry Industry
Dom Cummings - advisor to the UK PM
Bella Caledonia - independence, self-determination, autonomy
Naked Capitalism - commentary
Grenfell Tower Residents Association Blog
ShepwayVox - Dissent is not a Crime
The Bristol Cable
The Supreme Court of the United States blog

 ==== Travel Alerts/Advice

Foreign Office Travel Advice: Russia

 ==== BOINC

DENIS Project (compute large packets of cardiac electrophysiology simulations)
Rosetta (designing new proteins and to predict their 3-dimensional shapes)

 ==== British Board of Film Classification

 The British Board of Film Classification is an independent, 
 non-governmental body which has classified cinema films 
 since it was set up in 1912 and videos/DVDs since the Video 
 Recordings Act was passed in 1984.

BBFC Recent film decisions
BBFC Podcasts
BBFC Media Centre
BBFC For customers submitting to the BBFC

 ==== IT and Security-related 

RevK's Ramblings - The Office of Inadequate Security
Access Now defends digital rights around the world
Roskomnadzor Services (in Russian)
Reform Government Surveillance
Plain Text Offenders, mailing passwords in plain text
RiskIQ - Cyber Threat Intelligence
The RISKS Digest: website of the RISKS mailing list
Digital Content Next Official Website
Latest Perl CPAN modules
Two-Bit History - Computing through the ages
Patterns in the Void
Open Rights Group
Autonomous Weapons
Ycombinator - Hacker News
The Antisocial Engineer
Latest news from
IT Security Incidents in Australia & New Zealand
Online Privacy blog by Private Internet Access VPN
Have I Been Pwned - latest breaches
Daily information security news with a focus on enterprise security
Combined feed of about 120 feeds related to IT Security
PirateBox news news
Seclist's Full Disclosure database of IT-related exploits
The premier general security mailing list
Penetration Testing
The RISKS Forum

 ==== Worldwide

COVID19 updates via
The Daily Maverick ZA news
Mada Masr: Egypt-based Media
The Iranist: a newsletter on all things Iran
Varia: Centre for Everyday Technology
The Red Hand Files
Emirates Center for Human Rights
Detained in Dubai
Ofgem RIIO-ED1 network price control
Archis: an experimental think tank devoted to the process of real-time spatial and cultural reflexivity and action
AAIB: Air Accident Investigations Branch (UK)
EASA: European Aviation Safety Agency: The European Authority for aviation safety
The Juice Media - History is Happening
Recent Lumen Database Notices, 3rd party research studying cease and desist letters re online content
The Human Power Plant Experiment
Healthy Building Network News
Sustainable Pulse: owned and maintained by a group of concerned citizens and scientists
Defense One: issues driving the future of US defense
Crypto Party
The Center for Public Integrity Top Investigations
Stop Linky! (FR)
The Colorado Independent News
Gas World - industrial gasses news
Watching IBM
Logic Mag - a magazine about technology
City of Madison Wisconsin news
The Wall Will Fall - Vanessa Beeley, indie journalist
World Socialist Web Site
The Information Centre on Militarisation
Clarity of Signal - Exposing Geopolitical Madness
Fuck Off Google - Don't let Google take over Berlin!
Kalabalik Anarchist Bookshop, Berlin
Engegnstad Berlin
Catalans for Yes!
The Sarawak Report
European Saudi Organisation for Human Rights
Global Research: Centre for Research on Globalization
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Oak Ridge National Laboratories
IEEE Spectrum Magazine
The Coalition to Govern America
Internet Events via
Investigative Reporting from Exaronews
Investigative Reporting Project Italy a community-based organization that safeguards the possibilities of the open Internet
Web Urbanist: Urban architecture, art, design, travel tech
Utility Week: about the business of utilities
Brian Krebs on Cyber Security
Debian OS Security Advisories
EFF's Deeplinks Blog: Noteworthy news from around the Internet
Mother Jones: investigative, political, and social justice reporting.
Eurosurveillance: peer-reviewed european information on communicable disease surveillance and control

 ==== Via the FBI

FBI: Major crime and thefts reports
FBI: Cyber crime reports