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"you dig it" .. is a collection of featured SDF user 'phlogs' in
chronological order.  When you're ready to have your phlog
listed here type 'phlog' at the shell.

[28-May-2023] taxman Taxman on Gemini
[27-May-2023] cgeek5467 Whiskey Fixes Everything
[27-May-2023] slothrop Just a random distribution of Stars...
[26-May-2023] rbigelo Plain Text is Beautiful
[26-May-2023] screwtape Screwtape proposes a toast
[25-May-2023] tyjak Tyjak public home space
[25-May-2023] marcuson Iain Thoughts on Gaming, Computing, and More
[23-May-2023] ralfwause The SysOps tale
[22-May-2023] ayaron Amit Yaron's Gopherhole
[21-May-2023] joshp1 Joshp1's gopher site
[21-May-2023] nm03 A gopher hole in Tokyo, Japan
[21-May-2023] agk Where the horsemen hang their hats
[20-May-2023] saralain Laintech
[20-May-2023] canfood Reject web3, Embrace Gopher
[19-May-2023] zoerhoff zoerhoff's gopherhole
[18-May-2023] ldbeth (LAMBDA (G) (LAMBDA (H) ((F (G G)) H)))
[18-May-2023] gbl gbl's gopherhole, now with more gopher
[17-May-2023] gef reaching for eternity
[16-May-2023] mala
[16-May-2023] kashifshah Kashif's Gopherspace
[15-May-2023] jynx RPoD Phlog
[14-May-2023] denyr Denyr's Gopherspace
[14-May-2023] d1337 Ramblings on retro computing, radio, hacking, and more
[14-May-2023] kookyprelude Madd
[14-May-2023] f6k f6k's lair in the digital meadow
[14-May-2023] kypath Restoring passenger train service
[13-May-2023] peterguo a Gopherhole in Shanghai, China
[10-May-2023] smm in the mad river valley of vermont
[08-May-2023] unixl0rd unixl0rd's Gopherhole
[07-May-2023] dctrud dctrud's Random Road
[07-May-2023] devhackvps CodegameErr's VPS
[07-May-2023] mtillman m..n
[04-May-2023] pizzapal My Documents
[04-May-2023] katsuragi Conservative forces
[03-May-2023] jns JohnS' gopher hole
[03-May-2023] bunz bunztopia - the home of bunz
[02-May-2023] caraesten Against Entropy
[02-May-2023] christyotwisty The Luau Deck
[01-May-2023] amrowsell amr's gopher place
[01-May-2023] caketheidiot Cake's gopherhole
[01-May-2023] mcornick mcornick's gopher and gopher accessories
[29-Apr-2023] gallowsgryph Starfield of the Skies
[23-Apr-2023] legendofretro Cameron's Gopherhole
[22-Apr-2023] szczezuja Szczezuja's gopherhole
[21-Apr-2023] ice303 Lost in the Silver Box
[19-Apr-2023] jebug29 Jesse's Phlog
[17-Apr-2023] jirka Jirka's Gopher Site
[14-Apr-2023] stug Stug's Odd Bits
[12-Apr-2023] undo Ctrl Z back to Sanity
[10-Apr-2023] usagi Time travelling bunny
[09-Apr-2023] ihsan ihsan's gopherhole
[09-Apr-2023] glehvok glehvok's gopherhole
[08-Apr-2023] candide Candide's Garden Gopher
[06-Apr-2023] melancholia melan tree
[02-Apr-2023] flonlo QVODLIBET
[31-Mar-2023] crish welcome to the world of gopher!
[30-Mar-2023] mmww MMWW's underwhelming gopherspace
[28-Mar-2023] marzhmallow aao
[27-Mar-2023] asm Anton McClure's gopher hole
[22-Mar-2023] klu An old dog
[22-Mar-2023] jeremij Jeremio's GopherSpace.
[22-Mar-2023] seashells I put a seashell to my ear.
[16-Mar-2023] spacelight42 spacelight42
[16-Mar-2023] schroeder AOL Keyword: obsolete
[13-Mar-2023] rsdoiel A human, wrote music, wrote prose, write software
[12-Mar-2023] mhcat MH Cat Dances with Gophers
[08-Mar-2023] sillylaird
[08-Mar-2023] alberti Albatross's Anachronism
[07-Mar-2023] elw Ted's place
[04-Mar-2023] docrobot Snapshots from the Shadowlands
[04-Mar-2023] cegiy a sdf gh
[03-Mar-2023] lofi4track another web escapist
[02-Mar-2023] asciibene ASCII <> BENEFACTOR
[01-Mar-2023] tf Tom - W1WSO
[28-Feb-2023] scm The Home of SCM
[26-Feb-2023] ianremsen ian
[23-Feb-2023] qiqi \usr\1423H\A (木还民1423A) x Kusanalika Xamarin V
[20-Feb-2023] developer Developer's gopher site
[20-Feb-2023] i18nde ASvBI
[19-Feb-2023] bwilson Gopherspace For Brian
[18-Feb-2023] jerryxu Jerry Xu's GOPHER
[18-Feb-2023] rgu Rick Umali Gopher @ SDF
[17-Feb-2023] guofu guofu's tinker shack
[16-Feb-2023] kickmule modemrunner
[15-Feb-2023] charo charo's room
[14-Feb-2023] she12 go4she12!
[14-Feb-2023] yvonne collectext eds
[11-Feb-2023] steeby Steeby's Phlog
[06-Feb-2023] r0 Ruari's Gopher hole
[05-Feb-2023] theorytoe ~theorytoe's hellhole
[01-Feb-2023] chals chalsattack gopher
[24-Jan-2023] jstoddard Jeremiah's Gopherspace
[19-Jan-2023] rmenes379 The 500 Hats of LambdaCalculus
[18-Jan-2023] cside cside
[17-Jan-2023] cynosphere Cynthia's gopherhole
[10-Jan-2023] mstine Matt Stine's Gopherhole
[09-Jan-2023] rickygee SALTCAKED SMOKESTACKS
[08-Jan-2023] sparcipx The Backroad to Civilization
[05-Jan-2023] sinza ZIP Disk Appreciation Hole
[24-Dec-2022] mmeta4 under deconstruction...
[17-Dec-2022] alhassanaraouf
[16-Dec-2022] stopher looking through a portal
[16-Dec-2022] trowthegame thoughts on media, art and life
[12-Dec-2022] nc6j Welcome to the machine
[10-Dec-2022] motherhucker The Motherhucker
[10-Dec-2022] pkotrcka Just because plaintext is easier
[07-Dec-2022] asl alexa'a area
[04-Dec-2022] prokyonid Updated sometimes!
[04-Dec-2022] lokotejones Do nothing which is of no use.
[04-Dec-2022] peteyboy My Job Hunting
[30-Nov-2022] dexters dexter's cool stuff
[29-Nov-2022] fhtoledo fhtoledo Playground gopherspace
[26-Nov-2022] witsquash witsquash
[26-Nov-2022] rszasz
[25-Nov-2022] davidemitoli Just Another Gopherhole
[07-Nov-2022] melton Bits & Bytes
[06-Nov-2022] marcv Marc's phlog
[05-Nov-2022] lindgrenj6 THE lindgrenj6 gopherspace!
[02-Nov-2022] snowdusk snowdusk underground
[02-Nov-2022] cppa Mi espacio Gopher
[01-Nov-2022] djangogreen084 Django's Page
[27-Oct-2022] codysseus Arrow Arrow Arrow
[25-Oct-2022] albatros Mi espacio personal para jugar
[24-Oct-2022] fluffydogbite the fluffydogbite's gopherhole
[19-Oct-2022] inpefess Boris Shminke's Gopherhole
[18-Oct-2022] tinsmith Generally Regarded As Safe
[14-Oct-2022] sdl fivetoedsloth's dirty little gopher hole
[12-Oct-2022] mnw Squirrelling thoughts in my gopher hole
[07-Oct-2022] s1gyn S1gyn's Gopherhole
[01-Oct-2022] oneofvalts a thread & a needle
[29-Sep-2022] vkredxyz vkredxyz' dimension portal
[27-Sep-2022] gatton Health and Retro and Linux and...
[20-Sep-2022] punchinglikes punchinglikes' little gopherhole
[18-Sep-2022] kc4zvw much deeper than Alice's rabbit hole
[16-Sep-2022] cdlopez
[09-Sep-2022] celli Celli's Gopher Space
[08-Sep-2022] atyh thinking before i speak
[04-Sep-2022] nekomilk NEKOMILK'S SHIT!!!
[28-Aug-2022]summeringpaintin house painter
[25-Aug-2022] vidak Germination Systems
[20-Aug-2022] liquiddreamz -
[18-Aug-2022] jecxjo Jecxjo's Gopher Hole of stuff
[06-Aug-2022] rach Rach's Gopherhole
[03-Aug-2022] lohang LohanG was here :)
[03-Aug-2022] redsun Misc. Thoughts and Ramblings
[01-Aug-2022] zot the walls in the mall are totally totally tall
[26-Jul-2022] cowl underground academic
[25-Jul-2022] diviniti Dark Diviniti - phlog and resources
[23-Jul-2022] trdaisuke trdaisuke's text records
[19-Jul-2022] jaysen gopherspace of a plain, conservative quaker
[15-Jul-2022] tfurrows Jozhaus on SDF
[03-Jul-2022] burgertron BurgerSpace (TM)
[01-Jul-2022] tylermneher tylermneher@SDF Gopherspace
[23-Jun-2022] grizzly Grizzly's Gopherspace
[21-Jun-2022] eirian eirian's gopherspace
[20-Jun-2022] drelcott The Elcottica
[08-Jun-2022] kurisu Rodential Thought Repository
[07-Jun-2022] karnath useless area
[04-Jun-2022] launchpad Launchpad's Site
[01-Jun-2022] oms oms space
[29-May-2022] widgetotaku Gopher It
[11-May-2022] wchanley Ward's Gopherhole
[10-May-2022] misterdizzy Mister Dizzy's Tower
[26-Apr-2022] imrowan Music for Misanthropes
[22-Apr-2022] glassnerves GlassNerves gopher hole.
[20-Apr-2022] ghostintheshell the stream
[18-Apr-2022] seleuco Espacio personal gopher de Manuel Jiménez Friaza
[14-Apr-2022] rdevine Rumley's Gopher Hole
[04-Apr-2022] rlopez Ray's SDF Gopher Hole
[04-Apr-2022] bud :. > budlog < .:
[02-Apr-2022] rfmpie rfmpie's gopher hole
[27-Mar-2022] blootr blootr's traash
[26-Mar-2022] moj MindOfJoe
[22-Mar-2022] okflo OKFLOs home
[08-Mar-2022] haakonda Capybara Project
[07-Mar-2022] mydeardiary My Dear Diary
[04-Mar-2022] bluuee Marmota
[02-Mar-2022] pabs
[23-Feb-2022] eschscholzia Eschscholzia: The Golden Poppy
[17-Feb-2022] xavavu | chava's gopher hole
[16-Feb-2022] mnml is your conscience at rest
[14-Feb-2022] cristians CristianS
[14-Feb-2022] lainon
[13-Feb-2022] lynx7os5 Journey Down a Gopher Hole.
[12-Feb-2022] blizzard BADGER'S LAIR
[03-Feb-2022] erici Eric Ireland's gopher site
[25-Jan-2022] vivi266 Vivi's Gopher Zone
[20-Jan-2022] gamb0l -> NULL
[11-Jan-2022] henrycase RANDOM NOISE
[09-Jan-2022] every
[07-Jan-2022] snowcrash Snowcrash's Gopherhole
[16-Dec-2021] sanjuro Sanjuro's Recipes and Sundry
[14-Dec-2021] nixfloyd nixfloyd's gopherhole
[29-Nov-2021] stecla Come back to the REAL internet!
[28-Nov-2021] ajk misc thoughts and doodles
[19-Nov-2021] jubilo Chaotic Snark
[13-Nov-2021] loopdreams box three spool five
[04-Nov-2021] holorose fragments of a hologram rose gopherhole
[04-Nov-2021] slegrand Kosh2501 Ramblings/Music/etc.
[03-Nov-2021] kudut 35000 Kenneth Udut's organized by Dewey Decimal (AI decided)
[03-Nov-2021] julienxx Julien's Gopher Hole
[22-Oct-2021] ratfactor RGB: Ratfactor's Gopher Burrow
[15-Oct-2021] nydel nydel's phlog
[15-Oct-2021] dox Dox' Gopher Site
[14-Oct-2021] norris norris' gopherspace
[06-Oct-2021] wvs Civilized, Ordered, Advanced.
[05-Oct-2021] jkalb Jim Kalb's gopherspace
[03-Oct-2021] crvs /dev/null
[29-Sep-2021] meanless Mean Less Gopher Hole
[27-Sep-2021] otr Old Time Radio Shows From This Day In History..Made Fresh Da
[15-Sep-2021] zuul
[09-Sep-2021] lvturner The advenutres of a fly farmer
[05-Sep-2021] jpt A space for gophers, groundhogs and other rodents
[31-Aug-2021] cdinu Vintage is not nostalgia
[20-Aug-2021] benj Ideas & Sugarcane!
[20-Aug-2021] jdb Josh Boyd
[15-Aug-2021] onat my gopherspace
[14-Aug-2021] rockedsocks (insert witty statement)
[11-Aug-2021] danielo danielo (el gopherspace)
[11-Aug-2021] cstroie CS Gopherspace
[16-Jul-2021] rowank Keiran's Gopherspace
[15-Jul-2021] mortis
[11-Jul-2021] pomijivost lust and temporality in prague
[05-Jul-2021] amox amox' space in web 0.2
[05-Jul-2021] clinquant
[04-Jul-2021] mutoshack MutoShack's Spruce Forest
[02-Jul-2021] pdt
[28-Jun-2021] frrobert Fr. Robert's Gopherhole
[21-Jun-2021] hobo hobo's hole under the bridge
[18-Jun-2021] nelliott welcome to nelliott's site
[17-Jun-2021] rjcks Richard's Gopherhole
[15-Jun-2021] freach
[11-Jun-2021] aiden Aiden's Blog
[24-May-2021] woland A journal from the lunatic asylum (aka the United States)
[18-May-2021] amedrado amedrado's Gopherhole
[07-May-2021] sysdharma sysdharma's gopherhole
[29-Apr-2021] fsf fsf@sdf
[22-Apr-2021] sansmouse sansmouse's first gopher hole
[21-Apr-2021] lugotto The Linux User Group in Gottolengo (BS) - Italy.
[19-Apr-2021] djbrine DjBRINE1 personal gopher hole
[08-Apr-2021] fos1 Far Out Science
[08-Apr-2021] jhigh The Gopher Has a Home
[06-Apr-2021] jasan Crypto Minimalism (no just kidding)
[26-Mar-2021] dthrak Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
[25-Mar-2021] cosmicbandito
[22-Mar-2021] zcray zcray
[21-Mar-2021] hohokam Hohokam's Gopher Space
[20-Mar-2021] jsreed5 Rob's Gopherhole
[17-Mar-2021] byzt
[12-Mar-2021] fraggle
[12-Mar-2021] mancifbier Mancifbier's rants about computers and software
[06-Mar-2021] m15o The Midnight Pub
[26-Feb-2021] jovan Jovan's Gopher Page
[17-Feb-2021] drsleepy drsleepy gopher space
[09-Jan-2021] lomwin The Rabbit Hole
[08-Jan-2021] burrhole Enter the Void
[06-Dec-2020] cjj Thoughts of CJJ
[03-Dec-2020] dhall This is Democracy Manifest
[30-Nov-2020] johnmw Welcome to John's Gopherspace
[11-Nov-2020] lindus Inescapably Human
[08-Oct-2020] lonlazarus The Neon Forest
[01-Oct-2020] skellat Honeypot
[16-Sep-2020] int19 Int19's Ephemery Warehouse
[11-Sep-2020]godofhyperdeath3 Randomify
[02-Sep-2020] igk Göktuğ's Gopherspace
[31-Aug-2020] trafficcone alloca's blog
[23-Aug-2020] citra GoFur
[22-Aug-2020] cpc26
[21-Aug-2020] abbub Nozin' Aroun'
[19-Aug-2020] expdev Expdev's Ramblings
[12-Aug-2020] bradmac Thoughts of a middle aged Australian male
[05-Aug-2020] bobgee My Gopher Notebook
[04-Aug-2020] rusty Rhizomatix Blog
[23-Jul-2020] syneryder SyneRyder on Gopher
[18-Jul-2020] walnut working title
[18-Jul-2020] retreaux welcome away from the wide webbed world
[05-Jul-2020] jchenry
[01-Jul-2020] liebach Super Dimensional Gopherhole
[27-Jun-2020] segfaultline Segfaultline: Welcome to the Phault
[24-Jun-2020] tomasino Tomasino's Gopher Hole
[18-Jun-2020] unabart Bash Bartzilla!
[25-May-2020] tgampper Terry Gampper's Gopherspace
[11-May-2020] wilinskey Ranks of the Operators
[11-May-2020] luddite Image, place & self
[06-May-2020] fallingknife FallingKnife's Gopher Hole
[06-May-2020] philmacfly GophmacFLy
[04-May-2020] vinikon Vik Thor - gopherhole
[04-May-2020] jr0 James' gopherhole phlog
[29-Apr-2020] humbertocsjr Phlog do Humberto
[28-Apr-2020] gabek Gabe's Phlog
[28-Apr-2020] cmccabe More Questions than Answers
[14-Apr-2020] linuxonboard LinuxOnboard's Gopherspace
[12-Apr-2020] wallmann blog
[09-Apr-2020] katolaz KatolaZ' gopher hole
[05-Apr-2020] prakash Prakash Karunanithi Gopher Hole
[27-Mar-2020] graphmed Negative feedback
[27-Mar-2020] disnocen disnocen's gopherspace
[18-Mar-2020] niko the barrens
[12-Mar-2020] simsyland the lady who knew too much and wrote too little
[04-Mar-2020] masodo InfinitelyRemote (SDF Auxiliary)
[02-Mar-2020] mhj World Shaking Revolution
[29-Feb-2020] moussoko All I Know: I do not Know
[28-Feb-2020] athrunnailo Tom's Gopher Blog
[24-Feb-2020] rustypoetics RUSTY POETICS
[17-Feb-2020] lypanov lypanov
[10-Feb-2020] cdmnky cd-space
[03-Feb-2020] clemens Michael Clemens
[02-Feb-2020] ku
[30-Jan-2020] yargo # Yargo // HB9KNS #
[28-Jan-2020] dbucklin Text Obsessed
[23-Jan-2020] unclejonno Techno-Minimalism
[19-Jan-2020] honeycombb bry's hut
[12-Jan-2020] lel
[10-Jan-2020] scorpion1761 scorpion in the hole
[09-Jan-2020] hobbsc cyclopean computation
[07-Jan-2020] erosdiscordia erosdiscordia
[02-Jan-2020] output
[31-Dec-2019] rak RAK's gopherspace
[26-Dec-2019] sjc Steven Jay Cohen
[25-Dec-2019] johngodlee John L. Godlee
[20-Dec-2019] annna AnNnA's gOpHeRsPaCe Of DoOm!1!1!1!1
[11-Dec-2019] xt
[11-Dec-2019] nynergy Continuum
[05-Dec-2019] spinfz Blefuscu
[12-Nov-2019] tallship A hammer in my hand.
[02-Nov-2019] ddc Drunken Dogcow
[27-Oct-2019] lucina
[11-Oct-2019] chicagotiug Chicago TI-99/4A Users Group
[05-Oct-2019] lneely lneely's gopherspace
[01-Oct-2019] lord LORD CHINCHILLA
[11-Sep-2019] jan6 nothing sane comes this way
[10-Aug-2019] hardmous DJ hardmous
[05-Aug-2019] rjtatwork RJTatWork Gopher Space
[02-Aug-2019] samalex Sam's Gopherspace
[15-Jul-2019] amcclure Anton McClure's Gopher Site
[14-Jul-2019] verkaro Verkaro
[15-Jun-2019] xmanmonk What the...?
[10-Jun-2019] trnslts trnslts
[09-Jun-2019] mushmouth mushmouth gopherspace
[03-Jun-2019] mosst mosst's |d|i|g|i|t|a|l| dirt mound
[03-Jun-2019] tokyogringo Tokyo Gringo: The Man and The Journey
[28-May-2019] zelbrium zelbrium
[20-May-2019] myst32yt The Toy Gopher Page
[13-Apr-2019] sander Sander's Gopherhole
[09-Apr-2019] ayoshi Paradigm Shift for the medicine from Japan
[07-Apr-2019] fripp Fripp's corner
[01-Apr-2019] jeschust the state that I am in
[29-Mar-2019] ransondrew RansonDrew's Hole
[27-Mar-2019] qwerty7 qwerty7's little slice of SDF
[19-Mar-2019] jelle Jelle's gopherspace
[17-Mar-2019] dirtyv <-- has no clue what they're doing
[06-Mar-2019] freon beneath the wired
[03-Mar-2019] disc my name is disc
[05-Feb-2019] seventysnap 70-snap! Simplified Space
[01-Feb-2019] lro lro's phlog
[31-Jan-2019] vext01 Vext01's Gopher Site
[27-Jan-2019] henrikj
[24-Jan-2019] ulcer noobs! ------v
[15-Jan-2019] siobhan Terminus
[04-Jan-2019] sshifflett An Arbitrary Gopher Hole
[21-Dec-2018] kirch Kirch's Gopherspace
[11-Dec-2018] solderpunk Rosin to the core
[26-Nov-2018] jacobrd92 Jacob Robert Davis in GopherSpace
[01-Nov-2018] bradfonseca The Emporium of Lost Thoughts (Gopher Version)
[31-Oct-2018]letthewatersroar Let The Waters Roar
[26-Oct-2018] skynebula Skypher
[24-Oct-2018] strixy strixy's gopherhole
[07-Oct-2018] stee A Hidden Place, A Gopher's Hole
[30-Sep-2018] bacterio bacterio's gopher hole
[27-Sep-2018] ricardus RicarduSpace
[17-Sep-2018] clusey Just Another Phlog
[13-Sep-2018] noogles Nooglesphere
[09-Sep-2018] dokuja dokuja's gopher hole
[31-Aug-2018] cfenollosa cfenollosa
[30-Aug-2018] theesaint Gopher Hole from the Mountains
[30-Aug-2018] fuddster Fuddster Was Here
[29-Aug-2018] ja gopher://
[27-Aug-2018] fiddlerwoaroof
[26-Aug-2018] railey seventheaven
[24-Aug-2018] tty tty
[14-Aug-2018] bej Jelle Besseling's Gopher Site
[09-Aug-2018] embien
[09-Aug-2018] kf6gpe KF6GPE's Gopher Space
[08-Aug-2018] darksnake The Snake Pit
[12-Jul-2018] hnb Hiro's Notebook
[12-Jul-2018] mre
[10-Jul-2018] kjwill kjwill's gopherspace
[09-Jul-2018] npg Crap
[07-Jul-2018] mukt Mukt Landing
[03-Jul-2018] giantessgnostic Infinity's Core
[02-Jul-2018] keiya Keiya's
[27-Jun-2018] jmcgann School Thoughts
[27-Jun-2018] reppard Reppard's Gopher Hole
[10-Jun-2018] kkwoo kkwoo's Scrapbook
[29-May-2018] txminth nothing mind-blowing
[06-May-2018] pet84rik A plaintext world
[05-May-2018] mujo
[03-May-2018] polluks World of Polluks
[18-Apr-2018] pngwen The CS Gopher Hole
[06-Apr-2018] sjlawson Ceol agus cód
[03-Apr-2018] waterg Waters' Gopher Site
[25-Mar-2018] knusbaum Gopher Tools by
[25-Mar-2018] gunnarfrost RANDOM
[19-Mar-2018] heliarc Gophers of Interest
[16-Mar-2018] auzymoto my brain dump
[15-Mar-2018] decal
[14-Mar-2018] herco herco's phlog
[21-Feb-2018] lherrera The spirits in me...
[13-Feb-2018] mpcclub Moss Point Computer Club
[11-Feb-2018] irl Iain R. Learmonth's Gopher Site
[08-Feb-2018] tomatobodhi Yin Feng's Chan Buddhist Gopherhole
[07-Feb-2018] notptr Why a Title
[07-Feb-2018] copyeditor Copyediting and Computers
[07-Feb-2018] t3hyoshi tymail
[07-Feb-2018] simple SiMpLe MaChInEs
[07-Feb-2018] rudolph RudGopherHole
[07-Feb-2018] mprotts Mike's gopher site
[07-Feb-2018] mbays Nameless, Endless
[05-Feb-2018] mechanist Welcome to my Gopherspace!
[31-Jan-2018] daphne Daphne's Phlog
[30-Jan-2018] smj gopher site
[27-Jan-2018] cpider thoughts I still won't put elsewhere
[23-Jan-2018] tschuden
[17-Jan-2018] snakecase snake_case's den
[08-Jan-2018] cccv
[05-Jan-2018] saper Saper is testing
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