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"you dig it" .. is a collection of featured SDF user 'phlogs' in
chronological order.  When you're ready to have your phlog
listed here type 'phlog' at the shell.

[04-Aug-2020] rusty Rhizomatix Blog
[04-Aug-2020] nm03 Gopher hole in Tokyo, Japan
[03-Aug-2020] crvs crvs:/dev/null
[03-Aug-2020] bobgee My Gopher Notebook
[03-Aug-2020] she12 go4she12!
[03-Aug-2020] inpefess Boris Shminke's Gopherhole
[03-Aug-2020] danielo danielo (el gopherspace)
[01-Aug-2020] chals chalsattack gopher
[30-Jul-2020] undo Ctrl Z back to Sanity
[29-Jul-2020] ayaron Amit Yaron's Gopherhole
[23-Jul-2020] syneryder
[21-Jul-2020] rbigelo Plain Text is Beautiful
[21-Jul-2020] jebug29 Jesse's Phlog
[20-Jul-2020] flonlo QVODLIBET
[19-Jul-2020] christyotwisty The Luau Deck
[18-Jul-2020] walnut working title
[18-Jul-2020] retreaux welcome away from the wide webbed world
[18-Jul-2020] mmeta4 under deconstruction...
[17-Jul-2020] katsuragi Under maintenance
[16-Jul-2020] denyr Denyr's Gopherspace
[14-Jul-2020] asciibene ASCII <> BENEFACTOR
[13-Jul-2020] jns JohnS' gopher hole
[13-Jul-2020] d1337 Ramblings on retro computing, radio, hacking, and more
[12-Jul-2020] codysseus Arrow Arrow Arrow
[07-Jul-2020] sparcipx The Backroad to Civilization
[06-Jul-2020] jasmaz Caliginous Collection of Junk
[05-Jul-2020] jchenry
[03-Jul-2020] mnw Squirrelling thoughts in my gopher hole
[02-Jul-2020] mmww MMWW's underwhelming gopherspace
[01-Jul-2020] liebach Super Dimensional Gopherhole
[30-Jun-2020] jstg jstg's gopher
[27-Jun-2020] segfaultline Segfaultline: Welcome to the Phault
[24-Jun-2020] tomasino Tomasino's Gopher Hole
[24-Jun-2020] lonlazarus The Neon Forest
[18-Jun-2020] every
[18-Jun-2020] unabart Bash Bartzilla!
[07-Jun-2020] dox Dox' Gopher Site
[06-Jun-2020] emilio Gopher in Spanish
[26-May-2020] burrhole Enter the Void
[25-May-2020] tgampper Terry Gampper's Gopherspace
[22-May-2020] developer Developer's gopher site
[22-May-2020]godofhyperdeath3 The Random UNIX User's Guide to Life
[19-May-2020] jreeves 2020
[11-May-2020] wilinskey Ranks of the Operators
[11-May-2020] luddite Image, place & self
[06-May-2020] fallingknife FallingKnife's Gopher Hole
[06-May-2020] philmacfly GophmacFLy
[06-May-2020] seashells I put a seashell to my ear.
[05-May-2020] jasan Crypto Minimalism (no just kidding)
[04-May-2020] vinikon Vik Thor - gopherhole
[04-May-2020] jr0 James' gopherhole phlog
[02-May-2020] tfurrows Jozhaus on SDF
[29-Apr-2020] humbertocsjr Phlog do Humberto
[28-Apr-2020] gabek Gabe's Phlog
[28-Apr-2020] cmccabe More Questions than Answers
[15-Apr-2020] schroeder AOL Keyword: obsolete
[12-Apr-2020] wallmann blog
[09-Apr-2020] katolaz KatolaZ' gopher hole
[27-Mar-2020] graphmed Negative feedback
[27-Mar-2020] disnocen disnocen's gopherspace
[18-Mar-2020] niko the barrens
[13-Mar-2020] ratfactor RGB: Ratfactor's Gopher Burrow
[12-Mar-2020] simsyland the lady who knew too much and wrote too little
[11-Mar-2020] henrycase RANDOM NOISE
[10-Mar-2020] jeremij Jeremiah's GopherSpace.
[10-Mar-2020] jubilo Chaotic Snark
[04-Mar-2020] masodo InfinitelyRemote (SDF Auxiliary)
[02-Mar-2020] mhj World Shaking Revolution
[29-Feb-2020] moussoko All I Know: I do not Know
[29-Feb-2020] norris norris' gopherspace
[28-Feb-2020] athrunnailo Tom's Gopher Blog
[24-Feb-2020] jirka Jirka's Gopher Site
[24-Feb-2020] rustypoetics RUSTY POETICS
[22-Feb-2020] gallowsgryph Starfield of the Skies
[20-Feb-2020] mutoshack MutoShack's Spruce Forest
[19-Feb-2020] elw Things with a a side of stuff
[17-Feb-2020] lypanov lypanov
[16-Feb-2020] rjcks Richard's Gopherhole
[14-Feb-2020] melton Bits & Bytes
[10-Feb-2020] cdmnky cd-space
[08-Feb-2020] snowcrash Snowcrash's Gopherhole
[05-Feb-2020] sysdharma sysdharma's gopherhole
[03-Feb-2020] clemens Michael Clemens
[02-Feb-2020] ku
[30-Jan-2020] yargo # Yargo // HB9KNS #
[28-Jan-2020] dbucklin Text Obsessed
[23-Jan-2020] unclejonno Techno-Minimalism
[12-Jan-2020] lel
[10-Jan-2020] scorpion1761 scorpion in the hole
[09-Jan-2020] hobbsc cyclopean computation
[07-Jan-2020] erosdiscordia erosdiscordia
[03-Jan-2020] pkotrcka pkotrcka plaintext
[02-Jan-2020] output
[31-Dec-2019] rak RAK's gopherspace
[26-Dec-2019] sjc Steven Jay Cohen
[25-Dec-2019] johngodlee John L. Godlee
[20-Dec-2019] annna AnNnA's gOpHeRsPaCe Of DoOm!1!1!1!1
[13-Dec-2019] kudut 35000 Kenneth Udut's organized by Dewey Decimal (AI decided)
[11-Dec-2019] xt
[11-Dec-2019] nynergy Continuum
[05-Dec-2019] spinfz Blefuscu
[12-Nov-2019] tallship A hammer in my hand.
[02-Nov-2019] ddc Drunken Dogcow
[27-Oct-2019] lucina
[12-Oct-2019] rach Rach's Gopherhole
[11-Oct-2019] chicagotiug Chicago TI-99/4A Users Group
[05-Oct-2019] lneely lneely's gopherspace
[01-Oct-2019] lord LORD CHINCHILLA
[12-Sep-2019] stecla Long live Gopher!!
[11-Sep-2019] jan6 nothing sane comes this way
[17-Aug-2019] okflo OKFLOs home
[10-Aug-2019] hardmous DJ hardmous
[05-Aug-2019] rjtatwork RJTatWork Gopher Space
[03-Aug-2019] igk Göktuğ's Gopherspace
[02-Aug-2019] samalex Sam's Gopherspace
[29-Jul-2019] frrobert Fr. Robert's Gopherhole
[15-Jul-2019] amcclure Anton McClure's Gopher Site
[14-Jul-2019] verkaro Verkaro
[10-Jul-2019] lynx7os5 Journey Down a Gopher Hole.
[15-Jun-2019] xmanmonk What the...?
[10-Jun-2019] trnslts trnslts
[09-Jun-2019] mushmouth mushmouth gopherspace
[03-Jun-2019] mosst mosst's |d|i|g|i|t|a|l| dirt mound
[03-Jun-2019] tokyogringo Tokyo Gringo: The Man and The Journey
[30-May-2019] abbub Nozin' Aroun'
[28-May-2019] zelbrium zelbrium
[22-May-2019] slegrand Kosh2501 Ramblings/Music/etc.
[20-May-2019] myst32yt The Toy Gopher Page
[13-Apr-2019] sander Sander's Gopherhole
[09-Apr-2019] spelk spelkhole
[09-Apr-2019] ayoshi Paradigm Shift for the medicine from Japan
[07-Apr-2019] fripp Fripp's corner
[01-Apr-2019] jeschust the state that I am in
[29-Mar-2019] julienxx Julien's Gopher Hole
[29-Mar-2019] ransondrew RansonDrew's Hole
[27-Mar-2019] qwerty7 qwerty7's little slice of SDF
[22-Mar-2019] cstroie CS Gopherspace
[19-Mar-2019] jelle Jelle's gopherspace
[17-Mar-2019] dirtyv <-- has no clue what they're doing
[06-Mar-2019] freon beneath the wired
[05-Mar-2019] amedrado amedrado's Gopherhole
[03-Mar-2019] disc my name is disc
[05-Feb-2019] seventysnap 70-snap! Simplified Space
[01-Feb-2019] lro lro's phlog
[31-Jan-2019] vext01 Vext01's Gopher Site
[27-Jan-2019] henrikj
[24-Jan-2019] ulcer noobs! ------v
[23-Jan-2019] otr Old Time Radio Shows From This Day In History..Made Fresh Da
[18-Jan-2019] scm TGenXer
[15-Jan-2019] siobhan Terminus
[07-Jan-2019] nixfloyd nixfloyd's gopherhole
[05-Jan-2019] snowdusk snowdusk underground
[04-Jan-2019] sshifflett An Arbitrary Gopher Hole
[01-Jan-2019] haakonda Capybara Project
[25-Dec-2018] rlopez Ray's SDF Gopher Hole
[21-Dec-2018] kirch Kirch's Gopherspace
[19-Dec-2018] lvturner The advenutres of a fly farmer
[11-Dec-2018] solderpunk Rosin to the core
[26-Nov-2018] jacobrd92 Jacob Robert Davis in GopherSpace
[03-Nov-2018] zcray zcray
[01-Nov-2018] bradfonseca The Emporium of Lost Thoughts (Gopher Version)
[31-Oct-2018]letthewatersroar Let The Waters Roar
[26-Oct-2018] skynebula Skypher
[24-Oct-2018] strixy strixy's gopherhole
[07-Oct-2018] stee A Hidden Place, A Gopher's Hole
[30-Sep-2018] bacterio bacterio's gopher hole
[27-Sep-2018] ricardus RicarduSpace
[27-Sep-2018] wvs Civilized, Ordered, Advanced.
[17-Sep-2018] clusey Just Another Phlog
[13-Sep-2018] noogles Nooglesphere
[09-Sep-2018] dokuja dokuja's gopher hole
[31-Aug-2018] cfenollosa cfenollosa
[30-Aug-2018] theesaint Gopher Hole from the Mountains
[30-Aug-2018] fuddster Fuddster Was Here
[29-Aug-2018] ja gopher://
[27-Aug-2018] fiddlerwoaroof
[26-Aug-2018] railey seventheaven
[24-Aug-2018] tty tty
[14-Aug-2018] amox amox' space in web 0.2
[14-Aug-2018] bej Jelle Besseling's Gopher Site
[09-Aug-2018] embien
[09-Aug-2018] kf6gpe KF6GPE's Gopher Space
[08-Aug-2018] darksnake The Snake Pit
[06-Aug-2018] kc4zvw much deeper than Alice's rabbit hole
[30-Jul-2018] nydel nydel's gopher
[23-Jul-2018] skellat skellat
[12-Jul-2018] hnb Hiro's Notebook
[12-Jul-2018] mre
[10-Jul-2018] kjwill kjwill's gopherspace
[09-Jul-2018] npg Crap
[07-Jul-2018] mukt Mukt Landing
[03-Jul-2018] giantessgnostic Infinity's Core
[02-Jul-2018] keiya Keiya's
[27-Jun-2018] jmcgann School Thoughts
[27-Jun-2018] reppard Reppard's Gopher Hole
[10-Jun-2018] kkwoo kkwoo's Scrapbook
[30-May-2018] f6k f6k's log
[29-May-2018] txminth nothing mind-blowing
[06-May-2018] pet84rik A plaintext world
[05-May-2018] mujo
[03-May-2018] polluks World of Polluks
[18-Apr-2018] pngwen The CS Gopher Hole
[06-Apr-2018] sjlawson Ceol agus cód
[05-Apr-2018] alberti Albatross's Anachronism
[03-Apr-2018] waterg Waters' Gopher Site
[25-Mar-2018] knusbaum Gopher Tools by
[25-Mar-2018] gunnarfrost RANDOM
[19-Mar-2018] heliarc Gophers of Interest
[16-Mar-2018] auzymoto my brain dump
[15-Mar-2018] decal
[14-Mar-2018] herco herco's phlog
[10-Mar-2018] oms oms space
[21-Feb-2018] lherrera The spirits in me...
[13-Feb-2018] mpcclub Moss Point Computer Club
[11-Feb-2018] irl Iain R. Learmonth's Gopher Site
[08-Feb-2018] tomatobodhi Yin Feng's Chan Buddhist Gopherhole
[07-Feb-2018] notptr Why a Title
[07-Feb-2018] fos1 Far Out Science
[07-Feb-2018] copyeditor Copyediting and Computers
[07-Feb-2018] t3hyoshi tymail
[07-Feb-2018] simple SiMpLe MaChInEs
[07-Feb-2018] rudolph RudGopherHole
[07-Feb-2018] peteyboy My Job Hunting
[07-Feb-2018] mprotts Mike's gopher site
[07-Feb-2018] mbays Nameless, Endless
[07-Feb-2018] jovan BrainTree
[06-Feb-2018] sanjuro Indian Food Gopher
[05-Feb-2018] mechanist Welcome to my Gopherspace!
[31-Jan-2018] daphne Daphne's Phlog
[30-Jan-2018] smj the gopher is coming
[28-Jan-2018] imrowan Music for Misanthropes
[27-Jan-2018] cpider thoughts I still won't put elsewhere
[23-Jan-2018] tschuden
[17-Jan-2018] snakecase snake_case's den
[08-Jan-2018] cccv
[05-Jan-2018] saper Saper is testing
[30-Dec-2017] sgilles Gopherspace of S. Gilles
[22-Dec-2017] gadhra David Lightman's Gopherhole
[12-Dec-2017] mongoosetom Ebullient Ocelot Underground
[12-Dec-2017] ratsnest23 Rat Salad Park
[28-Nov-2017] tln TLN
[07-Nov-2017] kerobero kerobero's gopherhole
[07-Nov-2017] tyrel tyrel's burrow
[03-Nov-2017] elsa A City of Mine Own
[25-Oct-2017] gcg
[25-Oct-2017] nfultz na
[25-Sep-2017] mekon Picketwire
[24-Sep-2017] odie things I made (and things other people made)
[22-Sep-2017] kbp kyle
[17-Sep-2017] joshua.m The Ramblings of a Young Man
[08-Sep-2017] karnath useless area
[01-Sep-2017] northfarthing The Northfarthing
[22-Aug-2017] nonlinear nonLinear
[08-Aug-2017] johnmw Welcome to John's Gopherspace
[06-Aug-2017] nprice Nick Price
[19-Jul-2017] kwills this is Kevin
[11-Jul-2017] cel cel's cool gopher space
[01-Jul-2017] mydeardiary My Dear Diary
[27-Jun-2017] trinoox Zooklie Gopher Directory
[23-May-2017] jzp gopherthing
[22-May-2017] greencapgonzo Journalism at it's most lackluster
[12-May-2017] drajiin Drajiin's Space
[09-May-2017] maax
[30-Apr-2017] tjadowski My Daily Log - Tomasz Jadowski (
[19-Apr-2017] yrashk Yurii Rashkovskii
[07-Mar-2017] adeka Adeka, un espacio sin espacio
[13-Feb-2017] atlasjan
[11-Feb-2017] jkalb Jim Kalb's gopherspace
[24-Jan-2017] fergwill Sweaters till July: a humble phlog.
[24-Jan-2017] bluebear Bluebear's Gopherspace
[11-Dec-2016] jonmisc Jon Misc's Gopher Space
[07-Dec-2016] seleuco Espacio personal gopher de Manuel Jiménez Friaza
[24-Nov-2016] lear Voice & Hats
[22-Nov-2016] shaine Shaine's Gopher Hole
[09-Nov-2016] wrstone The Jackelope Of Truth
[03-Nov-2016] echo420 Echo's bag of tips
[14-Oct-2016] crandom Here we go again
[01-Sep-2016] november november's homepage
[17-Aug-2016] echosa Echosa's GOPHER Space
[15-Aug-2016] jsp jsp's Personal Gopherspace
[11-Aug-2016] cmaceachern Dev and sysadmin resources/blog/notes from cmaceachern.
[20-Jul-2016] netscaler Netscalers gopherspace
[30-Jun-2016] vgk वेणु गोपाल
[22-Jun-2016] denzuko Temple of the Cyberlords
[02-Jun-2016] exile Thoughts, questions, queries and qualms
[14-May-2016] wayne Just go for it.
[06-Mar-2016] mewt Simply Me
[23-Feb-2016] lburton lburton
[13-Jan-2016] mpp
[09-Jan-2016] hypercoffeedude My few bytes on the web thrown into the gopher hole!
[15-Dec-2015] curious.koala
[05-Nov-2015] tomrevilla
[27-Sep-2015] turner Turner's Gopher Space
[24-Sep-2015] xiaoyong A clear mind where text shine
[07-Sep-2015] plains plains' gopherspace
[26-Aug-2015] jeikner jim in austin
[17-Aug-2015] jfmxl underground jfmxl
[10-Jul-2015] berlin
[04-Jul-2015] lnxwalt LNXWALT's World
[17-Jun-2015] paulskin Paulskin's Gopherspace - Warum Nicht?
[17-Jun-2015] paleblue My imaginative gopher pace
[16-Jun-2015] constable Constable Gopher
[19-Mar-2015] octotep Octotep's Gopherspace
[15-Mar-2015] marcuson Iain Thoughts on Gaming, Computing, and More
[10-Mar-2015] kristian Journey into unix
[28-Feb-2015] mfa mfa home
[28-Feb-2015] akess Just a quick gopher site
[17-Feb-2015] intercal
[17-Feb-2015] marcmmw Marc Meléndez Schofield
[10-Feb-2015] baheee Baheee GOPHER
[31-Jan-2015] jmz jmz-gopher
[25-Jan-2015] t0m5k1 .::TOMSBOX::. phl0g
[21-Jan-2015] kdavis Adventure Partners!
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