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Welcome to Floodgap Systems' official gopher server.
Floodgap has served the gopher community since 1999
We run Bucktooth 0.2.9 on xinetd as our server system. is an IBM Power 520 Express with a 2-way
4.2GHz POWER6 CPU and 8GB of RAM, running AIX 6.1 +patches.
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Getting started with gopher, software, more
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to create your own Gopher world!)
Using your web browser to explore Gopherspace
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The Overbite Project: Gopher clients for mobile and desktop (OverbiteWX, OverbiteNX, Overbite Android)
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Weather maps and forecasts via Floodgap Groundhog
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Most current Floodgap news feeds
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--- File archives and downloads -------------------------------
Floodgap File Archives and Mirrors
(includes external archives and historical files,
Walnut Creek CP/M-Osborne-Commodore-Beehive archives,
Info-Mac, classic Mac software and more)
--- Fun, games, and other neat things -------------------------
Floodgap Gopher Fun and Games
(with xkcd, the Gopher Figlet gateway and the Gopher
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Floodgap users and staff gopher pages
(the usual gang of idiots)
The New GopherVR: A Virtual Reality View of Gopherspace
(version 0.5.1 released 24 October 2015)
--- Server software behind the scenes -------------------------
The Bucktooth gopher server
(version 0.2.9 released 1 May 2011)
--- Gopherspace advocacy and activism -------------------------
Floodgap Gopher Statistics Project
(monthly traffic analysis of the Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy
for community advocacy purposes; updates monthly)
--- Floodgap specific -----------------------------------------
Yes, is the same as
The Floodgap Free Software License
Where's Floodgap? (not for hatemail ;-)
What's the temperature in the Floodgap server room?
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Please note that this gopher is no longer affiliated with
Point Loma Nazarene University. Some areas are rate-limited due
to spidering.