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Nethack: end of Sery the Tourist 20211127
Simple network dashboard with vnstat 20211125
OpenBSD and Linux comparison: data transfer benchmark 20211114
How I ended up liking GNOME 20211110
Reply to prx about the internet stops 20211022
What if Internet stops? How to rebuild an offline federated infrastructu20211021
Use fzf for ksh history search 20211017
Typing faster with assistive technology 20211016
Full WireGuard setup with OpenBSD 20211009
Port of the week: foliate 20211004

Story of making the OpenBSD Webzine 20211001
Measuring power efficiency of a CPU frequency scheduler on OpenBSD 20210926
Reuse of OpenBSD packages for trying runtime 20210919
How to use cpan or pip packages on Nix and NixOS 20210918

Benchmarking compilation time with ccache/mfs on OpenBSD 20210918
Experimenting with a new OpenBSD development lab 20210916
Reviewing some open source distraction free editors 20210915
Blog update 2021 20210915
Managing /etc/hosts on NixOS 20210914
Workaround for an OpenBSD boot error on APU boards 20210910
Dear open source developers 20210909

Port of the week: pngquant 20210907
Review of ElementaryOS 6 (Odin) 20210906
Playing with a new shell: fish 20210905
External GPU on Linux review 20210901
Fair Internet bandwidth management on a network using OpenBSD 20210830

pkgupdate, an OpenBSD script to update packages fast 20210815
Faster packages updates with OpenBSD 20210806

Register multiples wifi networks on OpenBSD 20210805
Automatically lock screen on OpenBSD using xidle and xlock 20210730
Studying the impact of being on Hacker News first page 20210727
The Old Computer Challenge: 10 days later, what changed? 20210726
OpenBSD full Tor setup 20210725
Why self hosting is important 20210723
Self host your Podcast easily with potcasse 20210721
Simple scripts I made over time 20210719
The Old Computer Challenge: day 7 20210716
The Old Computer Challenge: day 6 20210715
Filtering spam using Rspamd and OpenSMTPD on OpenBSD 20210713

The Old Computer Challenge: day 3 20210712
The Old Computer Challenge: day 1 20210710
Obsolete in the IT crossfire 20210709
OpenBSD: pkg_add performance analysis 20210708
The Old Computer Challenge 20210707
Track changes in /etc with etckeeper 20210706
Gentoo cheatsheet 20210705
Listing every system I used 20210702

How to choose a communication protocol 20210625
How to use the Open Graph Protocol for your website 20210621
Using the I2P network with OpenBSD and NixOS 20210620
Run your Gemini server on Guix with Agate 20210617
How to use Tor only for onion addresses in a web browser 20210612
Guix: easily run Linux binaries 20210610
Guix: fetch packages from other Guix in the LAN 20210607
GearBSD: managing your packages on OpenBSD 20210602
GearBSD: a project to help automating your OpenBSD 20210601
(R)?ex automation for deploying Matrix synapse on OpenBSD 20210531
Kakoune: filetype based on filename 20210530
Using dpb on OpenBSD for package compilation cluster 20210530
Extend Guix Linux with the nonguix repository 20210527
How to use WireGuard VPN on Guix 20210522
Backup software: borg vs restic 20210521
How to setup wireguard on NixOS 20210518

How to switch to NixOS development version 20210517
Turn your Xorg in black and white 20210515
Why do I write this blog? 20210514
Simple solution VS over-engineering 20210513
Introduction to git-annex (Port Of The Week) 20210512
Introduction to security good practices 20210509
How to run a NixOS VM as an OpenBSD guest 20210508
How to install Gnome on OpenBSD 20210507
Synchronization files software 20210504
OpenBSD: getting started 20210503
OpenBSD 6.9 packages using IPFS 20210501

Use Libreoffice Calc to make 3D models 20210427

Port of the week: pup 20210422
Bandwidth management in go-IPFS 20210418
Introduction to IPFS 20210417

Port of the week: musikcube 20210415
Easy text transmission from computer to smartphone 20210325
Opensource from an author point of view 20210323
Securely share a secret using Shamir's secret sharing 20210321
How to split a file into small parts 20210321
Port of the week: diffoscope 20210320

Port of the week: pmenu 20210312
Easy spamAssassin with OpenSMTPD 20210310
Implement a «Command not found» handler in OpenBSD 20210309
Top 12 best opensource games available on OpenBSD 20210307
Port of the week: checkrestart 20210302
Port of the week: - a libre factory gaming 20210226
Nginx as a TCP/UDP relay 20210224

Port of the week: catgirl irc client 20210222

Full list of services offered by a default OpenBSD installation 20210216
What security does a default OpenBSD installation offer? 20210214
Movies review 20210214
Firejail on Linux to sandbox all the things 20210214
Bandwidth limiting on OpenBSD 6.8 20210207
How to set a system wide bandwidth limit on Linux systems 20210206

Filtering TCP connections by operating system on OpenBSD 20210206
Using pkgsrc on OpenBSD 20210206
Enable multi-factor authentication on OpenBSD 20210206
NixOS review: pros and cons 20210122
Vger security analysis 20210114
Free time partitionning 20210106
Toward a simpler lifestyle 20210104
[FR] Pourquoi j'utilise OpenBSD 20210104
[FR] Méthodes de publication de mon blog sur plusieurs médias 20210103
My blog workflow 20210103
Port of the week: Lagrange 20210102
Vger gemini server can now redirect 20210102
Movies reviews 2021 week 01 20210101
Host your Cryptpad web office suite with OpenBSD 20201214
Personal posts are coming 20201212
Kakoune editor cheatsheet 20201202
How to deploy Vger gemini server on OpenBSD 20201130
About Language Server Protocol and Kakoune text editor 20201124
[7th floor] Nethack story of Sery the tourist 20201124
FuguITA: OpenBSD live-cd 20201118
Why I use OpenBSD 20201116
Toward an automated tracking of OpenBSD ports contributions 20201115
The Nethack story of Sery the tourist 20201115
Full featured Slackware email server with sendmail and cyrus-imapd 20201114
How to use Slackware community slackbuilds 20201113
About the offline laptop project 20201110
Keyboard tweaks to use Xorg on an IBook laptop 20201109
Connect to Mastodon using HTTP 1.0 with Brutaldon 20201109
Join the peer to peer social network Scuttlebutt using OpenBSD and Oasis20201104
How the OpenBSD -stable packages are built 20201029
Port of the week: rclone 20201028
OpenVPN as the default gateway on OpenBSD 20201027

A curated non-violent games list 20201018
Making a home NAS using NixOS 20201018
NixOS optional features in packages 20201014
Unlock a full disk encryption NixOS with usb memory stick 20201006
Playing chess by email 20200928
About pipelining OpenBSD ports contributions 20200927
Docker cheatsheet 20200924
A few tips about the cd command 20200904
Find which package provides a given file in OpenBSD 20200904
Download files listed in a http index with wget 20200616
Birthday dates management using calendar 20200615
prose - Blogging with email 20200611
Gaming on OpenBSD 20200605
Beautiful background pictures on OpenBSD 20200520
Communauté OpenBSD française 20200517
New blog feature: Fediverse comments 20200516
FreeBSD 12.1 on a laptop 20200511
Enable dark mode on Firefox 20200504

Aggregate internet links with mlvpn 20200328
OpenBSD -current - Frequently Asked Questions 20200327

Advice for working remotely from home 20200317
A day as an OpenBSD developer 20200219
Daily life with the offline laptop 20200218
Cycling / bike trips and opensource 20200206
Common LISP awk macro for easy text file operations 20200204
Using the OpenBSD ports tree with dedicated users 20200111
Using rsnapshot for easy backups 20200110
Crop a video using ffmpeg 20191220
Separate or merge audio and video using ffmpeg 20191220
Playing CrossCode within a web browser 20191209
Host your own wikipedia backup 20191113
Creating new users dedicated to processes 20191112
How to remove a part of a video using ffmpeg 20191002
GPG2 cheatsheet 20190906

BitreichCON 2019 talks available 20190827
Stream live video using nginx 20190826
Minimalistic markdown subset to html converter using awk 20190826
Life with an offline laptop 20190823
OpenBSD -stable packages 20190814
OpenBSD ttyplot examples 20190729
Realtime bandwidth terminal graph visualization 20190719
Streaming to Twitch using OpenBSD 20190706
High quality / low latency VOIP server with umurmur/Mumble on OpenBSD 20190704
Nginx and acme-client on OpenBSD 20190704
OpenBSD as an IPv6 router 20190613

RSS feed for OpenBSD stable packages repository (made with XSLT) 20190605

Simple way to use ssh tunnels in scripts 20190515
Kermit command line to fetch remote files through ssh 20190515
Simple shared folder with Samba on OpenBSD 6.5 20190515
Neomutt cheatsheet 20190423
Create a dedicated user for ssh tunneling only 20190417
Deploying munin-node with drist 20190417
Playing Slay the Spire on OpenBSD 20190401
Using haproxy for TLS layer 20190307
Add a TLS layer to your Gopher server 20190307
OpenBSD and iSCSI part2: the initiator (client) 20190221

OpenBSD and iSCSI part1: the target (server) 20190221

Drist release with persistent ssh 20190218
Aspell to check spelling 20190212
Port of the week: sct 20190207
How to parallelize Drist 20190206
Vincent Delft talk at FOSDEM 2019: OpenBSD as a full-featured NAS 20190205
Transfer your files with Kermit 20190131
Some 2019 news 20190114
Fun tip #3: Split a line using ed 20181204
Configuration deployment made easy with drist 20181129
Fun tip #2: Display trailing spaces using ed 20181129
Tor part 6: onionshare for sharing files anonymously 20181121
Tor part 5: onioncat for IPv6 VPN over tor 20181113
Moving away from Emacs, 130 days after 20181113
Fun tip #1: Apply a diff with ed 20181113
Play Stardew Valley on OpenBSD 20181109
Safely restrict commands through SSH 20181108
Tor part 4: run a relay 20181108
File versioning with rcs 20181031
Configure OpenSMTPD to relay on a network 20181029

Tor part 3: Tor Browser 20181024
Show OpenSMTPD queue and force sending queued mails 20181024
New cl-yag version 20181012

Tor part 2: hidden service 20181011
Tor part 1: how-to use Tor 20181010
Create a new OpenBSD partition from unused space 20180920
Display the size of installed packages ordered by size 20180911
News about the blog 20180911
Manage ”nice” priority of daemons on OpenBSD 20180911
Configuration of OpenSMTPD to relay mails to outbound smtp server 20180906
RSS Feed available for OpenBSD-current special instructions 20180830
Automatic switch wifi/ethernet on OpenBSD 20180830
Presenting drist at BitreichCON 2018 20180821

Presenting Reed-alert at BitreichCON 2018 20180820
Generate qrcode using command line 20180714
Tmux mastery 20180705

Writing an article using mdoc format 20180703
Trying to move away from emacs 20180703
Easy encrypted backups on OpenBSD with base tools 20180626
Change default application for xdg-open 20180625
Share a tmux session with someone with tmate 20180601
Deploying cron programmaticaly the unix way 20180531
Mount a folder on another folder 20180522
Faster SSH with multiplexing 20180522
Sending mail with mu4e 20180522
Autoscrolling text for lazy reading 20180517
Port of the week: Sent 20180515
Use ramdisk on /tmp on OpenBSD 20180508
Mounting remote samba share through SSH tunnel 20180504

Extract files from winmail.dat 20180502
Port of the week: ledger 20180502
Port of the week: dnstop 20180418
How to read a epub book in a terminal 20180417
Port of the week: tig 20180410
Unofficial OpenBSD FAQ 20180316
Monitor your systems with reed-alert 20180117
New cl-yag version 20171216
How to merge changes with git when you are a noob 20171213
How to type using only one hand: keyboard mirroring 20171212
Showing some Common Lisp features 20171205

Allow wide resolution on intel graphics laptop 20171122

Low bandwidth: Fetch OpenBSD sources 20171109
Gentoo port of the week: slrn 20171108
Gopher related software 20171025
Zooming with emacs, tmux or stumpwm 20171025
Gentoo port of the week: Nethogs 20171017
How to limit bandwidth usage of emerge in Gentoo 20171016
Display manually installed packages on FreeBSD 11 20170816
Using firefox on Guix distribution 20170816

Using emacs to manage mails with mu4e 20170615
Fold functions in emacs 20170516
How to change Firefox locale to ... esperanto? 20170514
Markup languages comparison 20170413

OpenBSD 6.1 released 20170411
Connect to pfsense box console by usb 20170410
List of useful tools 20170322
How to check your data integrity? 20170317
Port of the week: rss2email 20170124
Dovecot: folder appears empty 20170123
New cl-yag version 20170121
Let's encrypt on OpenBSD in 5 minutes 20170120
How to use ssh tramp on Emacs Windows? 20170118
Convert mailbox to maildir with dovecot 20170117
Port of the week: entr 20170107
Emacs 25: save cursor position 20161208
Port of the week: dnscrypt-proxy 20161019
How to publish a git repository on http 20161007
Port of the week: rlwrap 20161004
Common LISP: How to open an SSL / TLS stream 20160926
Port of the week: stumpwm 20160921
Redirect stdin into a variable in shell 20160912
Android phone and Unix 20160906
How to kill processes by their name 20160825
Automatically mute your Firefox tab 20160817
Port of the week: pwgen 20160812
Website now compatible gopher ! 20160811
Port of the week: feh 20160808
Port of the week: Puddletag 20160720
Port of the week: Profanity 20160712
Stop being tracked by Google search with Firefox 20160704
Port of the week: OpenSCAD 20160704
Port of the week: arandr 20160627
Port of the week: x2x 20160623
Git cheat sheet 20160608
How to send html signature in mu4e 20160607
My Stumpwm config on OpenBSD 20160606
Port of the week: mbuffer 20160531
FreeBSD 11 and Perc H720P Mini raid controller 20160525
Port of the week: rdesktop 20160520
Mbsync and imap login problem 20160517
Resize live UFS filesystem on FreeBSD 11 20160517
Git push to non-bare repository 20160517
Port of the week: sxiv 20160513
Port of the week: bwm-ng 20160506
My mutt cheat sheet 20160503
My zsh cheat sheet 20160503
Simple emacs config 20160502
How to add a route through a specific interface on FreeBSD 10 20160502