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* Biden is confronting his most controversial moment yet since assuming responsibility for the US' response to the pandemic
* Michigan could see its worst Covid-19 case surge yet, official warns. Some say more measures are needed
* How the US hit its vaccine stride
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* Yes, police can pull you over for hanging an air freshener in your car
* Classes canceled at Knoxville school for two days after armed student is killed in encounter with police
* Federal official: CDC, FDA taking reports of blood clots and J&J Covid-19 vaccine 'seriously'
* China's 'little blue men' swarming in the South China Sea
* Trade is giving China's economic recovery a boost
* China sends 25 warplanes into Taiwan's air defense zone, Taipei says
* US and China deploy aircraft carriers in South China Sea as tensions simmer
* US climate envoy John Kerry to travel to China for talks
* George Floyd's brother says he was a big mama's boy at Derek Chauvin's trial as prosecution nears its end
* Chauvin's defense is using these 3 arguments to try to get an acquittal in George Floyd's death
* Like the George Floyd witnesses, he saw police kill a man. Now, he's part of the system, demanding change
* Ukraine's Zelensky calls on US to increase support as Russia masses troops
* US considering sending warships to Black Sea amid Russia-Ukraine tensions
* Analysis: Russian forces are massing on Ukraine's border. Bluff or not, Putin is playing with fire
* The bitter battle over Russia's lake that holds 23%% of the world's freshwater
* Army officer was afraid for his life during a Virginia traffic stop, attorney says
* Foreign interference in Canada hitting Cold War levels thanks to Covid-19, says spy agency
* Why Biden is making more progress on economic than social issues
* Nikki Haley says she'll support and not challenge Trump if he runs in 2024
* Analysis: Joe Biden doesn't tweet enough wild stuff for this Republican
* Embattled Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is denied a meeting with Trump
* Analysis: Washington rewards bizarre behavior
* CEOs vow to fight voting restrictions despite threats from Trump and McConnell
* A Black family's beach property was taken during the Jim Crow era. The county is now giving it back, and it's worth million

* Suspect killed, 3 officers injured during police chase in Georgia
* 10-year-old migrant boy seen in video had initially been expelled from US, CBP official says
* Democrats urge Biden administration to reform shelter system for migrant minors
* Number of unaccompanied migrant children in Customs and Border Protection custody falls 45%%
* Opinion: Republicans are politicizing the border and children's lives

* Biden admin secures agreements with Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala to secure borders, official says
* What to watch as Congress gears up for work on Biden's infrastructure plan
* Biden to nominate first woman secretary of the Army
* Biden starts infrastructure push by meeting bipartisan group of lawmakers who could help shape $2 trillion proposal
* Opinion: Biden wants to make the US more competitive. His tax hikes will do the opposite
* Opinion: Why Biden should be careful about courting India's Modi government
* Microplastics in our air 'spiral the globe' in a cycle of pollution, study finds
* Analysis: Tucker Carlson sneers at critics as he doubles down on 'replacement theory' remarks
* NBA, MLB and NHL postpone Minneapolis games following fatal shooting of Daunte Wright
* 300 movie screens to go dark in California after company shuts operations due to Covid-19 impact
* Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua pull 'Emancipation' production from Georgia
* 'The Talk' returns with Sheryl Underwood remarks and an episode on race
* Luke Bryan to miss first 'American Idol' live show due to Covid diagnosis
* Japan to start releasing treated Fukushima water into sea in 2 years
* More young people are getting hospitalized as a 'stickier' Covid strain becomes dominant
* Fed Chair: This is the top threat to the global financial system
* Ant Group cut down to size in latest blow for Jack Ma's business empire
* Car-making nightmare could soon get a fix, thanks to Intel
* IBM spinoff joins a long list of questionable corporate names
* Yes, the IRS can tax bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. What you need to know
* Britain looked like it was in national mourning after Prince Philip's death. Not all of it was.
* Harry pays tribute to 'cheeky' grandpa Prince Philip as he arrives in UK for funeral
* Queen said Prince Philip's death has 'left a huge void in her life'
* How Prince Philip mastered British dress codes
* Of fantasy and fever dreams, Andrew Thomas Huang pushes Asian American films into new territory
* An 11-month-old baby was killed and two other children hurt after shots were fired into a car in Syracuse, New York
* As people flee climate change on the coasts, this Midwest city is trying to become a safe haven
* Opinion: The pipeline that President Biden needs to stop
* The 'world's greatest airport' that never was
* Inside the case that bankrupted the Klan
* CDC studies find racial and ethnic disparities in Covid-19 hospitalizations, ER visits
* Blinken names chief diversity officer to lead change on a 'problem as old as the department itself'
* On deeply personal terms, Asian Americans are disrupting the beauty industry
* A guide for Muslims observing Ramadan during the pandemic
* How California's 'deeply flawed' vaccine rollout failed Latino and Black communities
* Trump State Department appointee facing Capitol riot charges ordered released from jail
* Driver arrested in hit-and-run death of New York federal judge
* 17-year-old killed after getting electrocuted by power line downed during severe weather
* The gleaming city that emerged from turmoil in the heart of Africa
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* DMX was a Gen X icon who gave Black men like me a stronger voice
* Too Chinese for the US, too American for China. Where can Asian Americans like me call home?
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* The new lies of the GOP and Tucker Carlson
* New antibody cocktail reduces symptomatic Covid infection by 81%%, Regeneron says
* How to make your gym workout less risky during the pandemic
* This device is crucial in the fight against Covid. It may not work on dark skin
* Helicopter's first flight on Mars delayed
* $200,000 streaming rigs and millions of views: inside the cottage industry popping up around SpaceX
* A final flyby for asteroid Bennu and 5 other top space and science stories this week

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